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The New Hampshire (NH) Lottery is the nation’s oldest lottery, and it paved the way for other state-run lotteries when it launched on March 12, 1964.

Stemming from humble beginnings, the state’s standard lottery draw has evolved. As of July 2018, the online platform sold several long-term lottery subscriptions; however, full online functionality has yet to launch.

New Hampshire lottery history

Governor John King signed a bill to allow the formation of the state-run lottery in April 1963. An election held on March 10, 1964, enabled New Hampshire residents to vote for or against the sale of lottery tickets, with only 12 towns out of the state’s 224 voting against the motion.

Tickets were primarily sold in New Hampshire liquor stores. The lottery, which was at that time a sweepstake, selected the winning numbers based on the numbers of winning thoroughbred race horses. This helped circumvent federal anti-lottery statutes, which were in effect nationally at the time.

With pressure growing among consumers throughout the United States for access to online lotteries, New Hampshire followed the likes of Illinois, Georgia, Michigan, and Kentucky when Bill H517 passed on June 22, 2017. This bill allowed for the formation of the New Hampshire Online Lottery and was signed by Governor Chris Sununu one week later.

It is expected that online functionality will launch towards the end of 2018 or early 2019, subject to certain restrictions.

NH online lottery fact sheet

Launch:Coming soon
Oversight:New Hampshire Gaming Regulatory Oversight Authority
Participation age:18+
Available to:Players with a valid NH address
Federal tax:24%
State tax:None
Proceedings benefit:Schools

Legal Requirements

To play the New Hampshire Lottery, players must be over 18 years of age and have a valid NH mailing address. Tickets can be purchased from any authorized lottery retailer throughout the state, with tickets and transactions being subject to New Hampshire state law. Lottery subscriptions can be purchased online.

When the NH iLottery platform launches, the signing up process will be more stringent and will likely mirror those of other US states offering an online lottery. When signing up to the iLottery in other US states, players must disclose their name, date of birth, and address, and provide a valid form of ID and the final four digits of their social security number. This requirement ensures state lottery officials can verify the identity and eligibility of potential players.

Only New Hampshire residents will be eligible to play the NH Lottery online when it officially launches.

It is expected that lottery officials will use a player’s Internet Protocol (IP) address alongside geolocation technology to confirm they are located within the state.

New Hampshire’s lottery games

As of July 2018, the state’s online lottery website only allows the purchase of 3, 6, and 12-month lottery subscriptions for the following games:

  • Powerball
  • Tri-state Megabucks
  • Mega Millions
  • Lucky for Life

You can purchase subscriptions using debit and credit cards.

However, when NH’s online lottery goes live, we expect to see multiple instant games and Keno at the very least.

To participate in New Hampshire’s regular lottery games, players must visit an authorized retailer with a valid form of ID.

New Hampshire shares all its draw games with other lotteries. There is one exception to this, which is Keno. Keno 603 (the state’s area code) launched in December 2017 and is their version of lottery Keno.

Keno is a game where players wager by choosing numbers, one through 80. Numbers are then drawn at random in a bingo-like fashion. Players win by matching their numbers with the numbers drawn. These matches are also called “catches.”

One of New Hampshire’s most popular exclusive games is Megabucks Plus. Launched in 1985, it follows a five-plus-one format. Five numbers are drawn out of a machine containing 41 numbers, and the sixth number is drawn out of a second machine containing six numbers. Drawings are held each Wednesday and Saturday, with a minimum jackpot of $1,000,000.

Multistate games

The New Hampshire Lottery offers a number of multistate games that cover most of the United States.

Powerball tickets cost $2, or $3 with the Power Play multiplier. The jackpot starts at $40 million, with drawings on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

On January 31, 2010, Mega Millions became available throughout the state when Powerball was cross-sold with Mega Millions, making it available in Powerball-only states. Each play in Mega Millions costs $2, or $3 with a Megaplier multiplier. There are a range of winnings offered, including the $40 million jackpot. There are two drawings per week, on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10:00 p.m.

The final multistate game offered through the NH Lottery is Lucky for Life. This Connecticut-based drawing was launched in 2009 and is available throughout 22 states, plus Washington, D.C. The first and second prizes for this game are $1,000 a day for life or $25,000 a year for life, respectively.

Customer service

Customer support can be reached by calling 603-271-2825, available Monday through Friday between 8 AM and 4 PM ET. A contact email is also provided ([email protected]), but it’s available for help with technical issues related to the website, not necessarily for support with lottery-specific questions.


New Hampshire was the very first U.S. state to have an official, legal lottery when it launched in March 1964.

In June 2017, New Hampshire’s governor passed a bill allowing for the formation of an online lottery. A fully fledged iLottery platform is not available yet and we expect it to launch soon.

At present, there are multiple games which can be played by visiting an authorized lottery vendor throughout the state, including a number of multistate games such as Powerball, Mega Millions, and Lucky for Life.

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