Virginia Online Lottery Overview

Virginians can play a wide array of instant games and draw games via the official VA Lottery app and website. This page breaks down the various options at your disposal and explains how to play lottery games online in Virginia. Our experts have reviewed the app and the website in detail, focusing on the sign-up process, the software, promotions, payments, customer service, and other important areas.

Can you play the lottery online in Virginia?

Yes, you can play the Virginia Lottery online. In July 2018, the VA Lottery launched an app and a website, making it quick and convenient for Virginians to play their favorite games online. You simply need to be 18 or older and physically located in the state.

Virginia is one of 12 states (along with Washington DC) to offer residents state-run online lottery purchases.

Main facts to know about the VA online lottery – July 2024

You must be a resident of Virginia to play games at the VA Lottery app or the website. These are the main facts to familiarize yourself with before signing up.

Does Virginia have an online lottery?Yes
When did it launch its online lottery?July 2018
How can you play the VA Lottery online?Download the app or visit the website.
What type of games can you play?In-state draw games, multi-jurisdiction draw games, instant games.
Accepted payment and withdrawal methodsDebit card, PayPal, ACH bank transfer
Legal age to play18
Who regulates the VA online lottery?Virginia Lottery Board

Want to play the Virginia Lottery online? Here’s our experience

The Virginia Lottery offers a polished, easy-to-navigate website and a reliable app. The sign-up process is straightforward (we were able to sign up in a few minutes), customer service is attentive, and the overall user experience is strong. There are also helpful features, including high-quality videos explaining how to play each game.

(When it comes to advocating for responsible gaming, these how-to videos are especially valuable to help players know exactly what to expect from each game.)

How to sign up

The Virginia online lottery registration process is quick and easy. Follow these steps to get started.


Visit the VA Lottery site or download the app.


Click the “Register” button at the top right of the site’s homepage. On the app, tap “Log In / Register” at the top of the home screen. You’ll then have to tap “Register for an account” at the bottom of the next screen.

Screenshot with arrow pointing to register for account button on VA Lottery app for PlayiLottery review


Enter your email address and choose a password.


A six-digit code will arrive in your inbox. Type it into the box provided and click “NEXT.”


Provide your full name, gender, home address, last four SSN digits, and phone number. Accept the terms and conditions, and then click “SUBMIT.”


Your details will be verified automatically, and you can then make a deposit and start playing games straight away.

The website is simple, with a quick-access ‘Play Now’ button

Virginia’s is one of the best online lottery sites in the country. The VA Lottery site is laid out in a neat, intuitive format, and it is easy to make deposits and buy tickets.

Simply click the “Play Now” button at the top of the homepage to browse a wide range of instant games. Alternatively, you can select the “Games” option and choose “Draw Games” from the dropdown menu to buy tickets for in-state draw games and multi-state draw games such as Powerball and Mega Millions.

Screenshot of home page of Virginia lottery online for PlayiLottery review

Granted, you cannot play certain games online, such as scratchers and Print ‘n Play, but the site provides a wealth of information about those games. It is easy to check previous results, and the site provides details about recent winners, new games, and other news items.

Overall, the site feels very uncluttered. The top navigation menu has the main bullet points you’d need—access to immediate gameplay, plus player safety resources under “More” (then tap “Playing Matters”). Realistically, you can access everything you’d need at the Virginia online lottery using the navigation menu at the top of the screen.

App gameplay mirrors the website, but it looks nicer

You can download the official Virginia Lottery app through Google Play on an Android phone or via the App Store if you have an iOS device. The app has strong average user ratings: 4.6 stars on the App Store and 4.3 stars on Google Play.

Some Android users have complained about geolocation problems and a convoluted layout, but most reviews are positive. The navigation system may be a little complex at first, but it is actually pretty straightforward once you get into the swing of it. We were able to pick it up within a few minutes.

The app’s layout is different from the website. Instead of a main menu at the top, you have a toolbar at the bottom of your screen with these buttons: Dashboard, Winning #’s, Games, Promotions, and More (which includes sections on gaming controls and limits, a retail locator, information on recent winners, and more). At the top of the screen, you’ll see an icon with a barcode—that’s the ticket scanner—and a button to access your shopping cart.

The aesthetic of the app is different, too. Some pages have colored backgrounds (green for “Promotions” and blue for “Games,” for instance) as opposed to the white backgrounds you’ll find for all pages on the site.

Screenshot of the Virginia Lottery app's dashboard for PlayiLottery review

One helpful feature on both the site and app is the video tutorials. The team has embedded YouTube videos on various pages, which explain how to play each draw game. These videos are slick, and the information is presented in clear, straightforward language. That’s a great tool to help players play intelligently and responsibly.

You’ll appreciate the customer service live chat

The VA Lottery app and website provide a great deal of information. You can browse the odds associated with each game, along with detailed instructions on how to play, plus the video tutorials mentioned above. The process of buying tickets and playing instant games is simple. There is also a very comprehensive FAQ section.

However, if you need assistance, you can call the support team at (804) 692-7777. Live chat is also available (not all that common for online lotteries) within the app and the website from 8 a.m. to midnight on a daily basis, or you can fill in a support ticket and await a response via email.

To access the live chat on the site, tap “More” on the main menu, then hit “About Us.” On the next page, scroll down and tap “Questions? Use our Contact Us form,” and from there, you’ll be directed to a screen with a “LIVE CHAT” option. In the app, tap “More” on the bottom right, then tap the “Contact Us” option, then tap “More Contact Info” on the next screen, and you’ll be directed to the screen with the “LIVE CHAT” option.

Screenshot showing the LIVE CHAT button on the Virginia online lottery for PlayiLottery review

Some app users have complained about the customer service on Google Play. However, we found the agents to be responsive, polite, friendly, and helpful when we tested out the phone support and the live chat service. They were quick to reply to our questions, and the answers we received were clear, accurate, and helpful.


The Virginia Lottery is offering a sign-up bonus for new customers: a 50% deposit match up to $100 plus 10 free games. You can also claim ongoing online lottery promotions at the VA Lottery site or the app. (As you can see from the Dashboard screenshot earlier in this review, the app advertises its promotions on the home screen, too.)

The welcome bonus is the only current VA Lottery online promo offer. Some retail promos are currently available, offering players the chance to win a $500 gift card from a home improvement store. Players can enter winning and non-winning scratchers through all of May—the price of the scratcher will equal the number of entries in the promotion. (For example, a $5 scratcher would be five entries.) There will be 60 winners chosen at random over the course of the 31-day promotional period.

Visit the “Promotions” section of the app or the site for details or opt to receive email notifications. That way you will not miss details of any future promos. To access the “Promotions” section on the site, you’ll need to tap “Games” from the main menu, and then you’ll see the “Promotions” option in the dropdown menu.

Pros and cons of the VA online lottery


  • You can buy your lottery tickets on your phone or computer at any time, without the need to visit a retail store.
  • The VA Lottery app and website offer many instant games, some of which feature progressive jackpots.
  • You can save your favorite numbers and buy tickets in bulk for lots of future drawings.


  • Some games, including keno, scratchers, Print ‘n Play, and retail-only draw games, are not available online.
  • The Virginia Lottery offers fewer bonuses and promotions for players than the lottery sites in other states, such as Kentucky.
  • Some Android users have complained about issues with geolocation, but you may be able to fix them by clearing your cache.

How to buy Virginia Lottery tickets online

The process of buying Virginia Lottery tickets online is quick and simple. Follow these steps.


Visit the “Draw Games” section.

On the website, select the “Games” tab at the top right of the homepage and then choose “Draw Games” from the list. On the app, tap “Games” on the bottom toolbar and then find the “Draw Games” section.

Screenshot of games dropdown menu at Virginia online lottery for PlayiLottery review


Choose a game.

Choose one of the games listed on the page. Just bear in mind that some are not playable online, such as keno.

Screenshot showing draw games page at VA online lottery for PlayiLottery review


Watch the tutorial.

Once you select a game on the site, you’ll be directed to an information page on that game. If you are unsure of how to play, you can watch the video tutorial embedded in the page. When you are happy with the process, click “PLAY NOW” at the bottom of the page.

The app takes you to a different-looking page (see below). If you scroll, you can access information via the “How To Play” button. However, there is no direct way to access the video tutorial. Scroll back up to the top of the page to find the “Play Now” button.

Screenshot of the Pick 5 page on the Virginia Lottery app for PlayiLottery review


Opt for “Easy Pick” or “Build My Own.”

You will be presented with various “Easy Pick” options, which provide you with randomly assigned numbers. Alternatively, select “Use My Favorites” if you have stored your favorite numbers or “Build My Own” to choose your numbers manually.

Screenshot showing easy pick or build your own options for Pick 5 at Virginia online lottery for PlayiLottery review


Build your tickets.

If you go for the manual option, you can enter your own numbers in the spaces provided or hit “AUTO FILL.” You can also apply the “Fireball” option on certain games. Select the number of drawings you want to play, choose the draw type, and select your order.

Screenshot showing Pick 5 number picking process at Virginia online lottery for PlayiLottery review


Buy your tickets.

When you have entered all the information, click “ADD TO CART.” You can then select the “CHECKOUT” button and complete the payment.

Screenshot showing the cart and checkout button for tickets at Virginia online lottery for PlayiLottery review

How to play Powerball in Virginia

  1. In the app, tap “Games” in the bottom toolbar and then tap “Draw Games” on the next screen. From there, scroll to find Powerball. On the site, tap “Games” on the top main menu, then tap “Draw Games” in the dropdown menu and then select Powerball on the next page.
  2. You’ll then be directed to the Powerball page on the site and app. Both include information on how to play the game and recent winning numbers, although the site version also includes an option to check your numbers. To proceed to buying tickets, tap “Play Now” on both the site and the app.
  3. Choose between tapping preselected “Easy Pick” options or building your own tickets.
  4. After you’ve finalized your selections, tap “ADD TO CART.”
  5. Choose whether you want to add Power Play on the next page. Then tap “CONTINUE.”
  6. On the next page, you’ll again have the option of adding Power Play or opting into Auto-Renew (this will purchase tickets for you every two weeks). Do a final review of your order (including the number of plays and drawings) and either add more games or tap “CHECKOUT.”

How to play Mega Millions in Virginia

  1. Tap “Games” in the app’s bottom toolbar and then tap “Draw Games” on the next screen. Scroll to find Mega Millions on the next page. If you’re using the site, tap “Games” on the main menu. Then, select “Draw Games” in the dropdown menu and pick Mega Millions on the next page.
  2. You’ll then be directed to the Mega Millions page on the site and app. Both include information on how to play the game and recent winning numbers. The site’s version also includes an option to check your numbers. Tap “Play Now” on both the site and the app if you’re ready to proceed.
  3. Choose between tapping preselected “Easy Pick” options or building your own tickets.
  4. Finalize your selections and tap “ADD TO CART.”
  5. Choose whether you want to add the Megaplier on the next page. Then tap “CONTINUE.”
  6. On the next page, you’ll again have the option of adding the Megaplier or opting into Auto-Renew (this will purchase tickets for you every two weeks). Review your order (including the number of plays and drawings) and either add more games or tap “CHECKOUT.”


What Virginia Lottery games can you play online?

You can play in-state draw games, multi-jurisdiction draw games, and instant games online in Virginia. These are the categories to explore at the VA Lottery app and website.


These games are similar to online scratchers. They look like video slots and offer similar features, such as cluster pays and progressive jackpots, but they are actually instant lottery games.

The VA online lottery site hosts more than 100 instant games, covering a wide range of themes. They are all playable in demo mode if you want to try them out for free, and you can browse detailed information about each game, including how to play, the payouts, and the odds of winnings.

  • Best instant win game: Monopoly Progressive Jackpots is the best of the instant win games at the VA Lottery app and website. The action unfolds on a 5×4 grid, and you will be paid out if you reveal a cluster of three or more matching symbols. This game is playable from $0.50 to $50 per ticket. There are lots of bonus features, and the progressive jackpot typically offers a six-figure prize. We’ve included a screen recording of us trying the demo.

Powerball, Mega Millions

Virginians can play these popular multi-state draw games online. You can buy a single ticket or purchase tickets for more than 150 drawings in advance. Cash4Life is also available online in Virginia.

Pick 3, other draw games

You can also play several Virginia-only draw games online. They include Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, and Cash 5 with EZ Match.

  • Best draw game: Pick 5 with Fireball is the best of the lottery draw games available online that are specific to Virginia. There are two drawings each day. You can win up to $50,000 within the base game, and the Fireball option gives players additional chances to win.

Games not available online in Virginia

Some lottery games are unavailable online in Virginia. You can only play them in person by visiting a licensed lottery retailer in the Commonwealth.


You cannot play online keno in Virginia. In some states, players can enjoy online keno games, but it’s available only in person in Virginia. The site and the app explain how to play keno, and you will also be able to check results, scan your tickets to see if you have won, and find details of your nearest retailer, but you cannot buy tickets online.

However, keno-like game options exist at legal online social casinos in Virginia, such as Paintball Keno at Funzpoints and Book of Keno and Bubbles Keno Slot at Pulsz.

Print ‘n Play

Print ‘n Play is another lottery game exclusive to Virginia retailers. It offers four different options: Rolling Jackpot, Bingo, Blackjack, and Crossword. These Fast Cash lottery games are available at all licensed retailers, but you cannot play via the app or the website.


Scratchers are available only in person. You will find details of every current scratcher online, including the top prizes and the number of prizes remaining, but there are no online scratchers. However, you can play more than 100 instant games online, and they follow a very similar format.

Retail-only draw games

You also need to visit a retailer to play certain draw games in Virginia. Bank a Million and Cash POP, two popular games, are exclusive to retailers. You will also need to visit a licensed retailer to buy tickets for Virginia’s New Year’s Millionaire Raffle.

Latest VA Lottery industry news

Virginia, New Hampshire Lotteries Utilizing Omnichannel Rewards Programs

July 1, 2024 | By: Drew Ellis

Taking a lead from online casinos, some states like Virginia are employing omnichannel rewards programs that combine retail and iLottery options.

Virginia Gov. Youngkin Vetoes Skill Games Bill; Legalization Unlikely In 2024

May 22, 2024 | By: Drew Ellis

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin vetoed a bill that would legalize skill games in the state, making it unlikely any changes will come for the machines in 2024.

Virginia Passes 2-Year State Budget Without Lifting Skill Games Ban

May 14, 2024 | By: Drew Ellis

Virginia legislators passed a two-year budget that was signed by Gov. Youngkin on Monday, which didn't include lifting the ban on skill games.

Deposit and withdrawal options

Online lottery players have two payment options in Virginia.

You can use a debit card to make a direct purchase, without the need to deposit funds into a player wallet. The minimum payment is $5. This option is available only for draw games, not instant games.

Alternatively, you can make a deposit into your online wallet, and you can then use those funds to play instant games or buy tickets at any time. These are the deposit options to consider.

MethodMinimum depositMaximum deposit
Debit card 💳$10$5,000
ACH transfer ➡️$10$5,000
PayPal 💲$10$5,000
Online banking 🏦$10$5,000
PayNearMe 📍$10$5,000
Online Cash 💵$10$5,000

You can only withdraw winnings from your account. Any money deposited must be used to play games. If you win, select “My Account” and then “Withdraw” to request a payout. These are your options.

MethodMinimum withdrawalMaximum withdrawalWithdrawal time
Visa debit 💳N/A$5,0003-5 business days
ACH transfer ➡️N/A $5,0003-5 business days
Online banking 🏦N/A $5,0003-5 business days
Withdraw at retail vendor 🏪N/A$5,0001-2 business days

Online Cash

This is a simple way to fund your Virginia online lottery account without providing debit card or bank account details online. Simply visit a licensed Virginia lottery retailer and tell the clerk that you’d like to purchase an Online Cash voucher for either $10, $20, $50, or $100.

Alternatively, you can buy an Online Cash voucher at a lottery vending machine. You can make the purchase with cash or a debit card. Open the app or the website and select “Online Cash” as your payment method. You can then enter your Online Cash voucher code, and the funds will be reflected in your account.

This is similar to PayNearMe. However, Online Cash vouchers are free, whereas PayNearMe requires a fee, so Online Cash is a more cost-effective option. Just bear in mind that Online Cash vouchers must be redeemed within 180 days of purchase, or they will expire.

How to claim VA online lottery winnings

  • Up to $100: Any prizes of up to $100 will be automatically credited to your Virginia online lottery account balance. You don’t need to make a claim, and you can withdraw the funds from your player wallet right away. Retailers can also pay out prizes of up to $600 in cash, via a check, or via a money order.
  • $101 to $5,000: These prizes can be claimed online via the app or website. Just be prepared to provide additional details to claim your prize. You can also scan winning tickets of up to $5,000 on the app and claim the prizes. The funds will be added to your player wallet, and you can withdraw them.
  • $5,001 and above: If you win a prize greater than $5,000, taxes will automatically be withheld. To claim your prize in person, you must visit one of the Virginia Lottery’s customer service centers or one of the prize zones. There are eight customer service centers across the state.

Playing online lottery in VA vs. retail lottery

Playing the Virginia lottery online is often easier and more convenient. The experience is similar to playing in person, but there are a few differences to consider.

Online lotteryIn-person lottery
Accepts players 18 or older
Play via phone
Sign-up required
Full range of games
Scratch-offs available
Instant games
Ongoing promotions

Where can I buy a lottery ticket in Virginia?

If you don’t want to buy lottery tickets online in Virginia, you can simply purchase your tickets in person. There are more than 5,000 licensed retailers in the Commonwealth, so you’re never more than a few minutes away from your next opportunity to play. These are the different types of retailers that sell Virginia lottery tickets:

  • Convenience stores
  • Gas stations
  • Supermarkets

The lottery offers a find-a-retailer tool to help you find your nearest licensed lottery retailer. To use the tool, enter your ZIP code or county.

Checking tickets online and via the Virginia Lottery app

It is easy to check your numbers online or via the Virginia Lottery app. Select “Games” from the main menu and then choose “Check My Numbers” in the dropdown menu. You can check Mega Millions, Powerball, Bank a Million, Cash4Life, Cash 5, Pick 5, Pick 4, Pick 3, or keno results.

Enter your ticket information and hit “CHECK MY NUMBERS” to see if you’re holding a winning ticket.

Alternatively, you can use the VA Lottery app to scan draw tickets and scratchers and see if you’ve won. From the dashboard, tap the icon with the barcode in the upper-right corner. You’ll need to allow the app to access your camera in order to scan your ticket.

Responsible gaming in Virginia

The Virginia Lottery has launched a campaign called Play Responsibly to foster a responsible gambling culture in the state. The site and app provide advice on how to play lottery games responsibly and list warning signs that could indicate a gambling problem.

There is also an “Understanding the Odds” section, which busts myths and breaks down your chances of winning lottery games. The site and app provide detailed information about the odds for each game, too.

If you need immediate support, you can call the Virginia Problem Gambling Helpline at 888-532-3500. Visit the Virginia Council on Problem Gambling site for details of local support networks, and check out our responsible gaming guide for more information.

The Virginia Lottery has also created a self-exclusion program. You can self-exclude for two years, five years, or a lifetime.

Virginia online lottery FAQ

Does Virginia offer any online lottery promotions?

Yes, Virginia does at times offer certain online lottery promotions. However, as of April 2024, there were no current online promotions. There was one retail promo advertised on the app.

Is there a Virginia Lottery app?

Yes, there is a Virginia Lottery app. You can download it via the App Store on an iOS device or through Google Play on an Android phone. The VA Lottery app allows you to play instant games, check winning numbers, enter “eXTRA Chance” promotions, and find out if your tickets have won.

How old do you have to be to play online lottery in Virginia?

You must be 18 or older to play online lottery games in Virginia. That includes draw games and instant games. The site and the mobile app will take personal details, including your address, date of birth, and last four SSN digits, to verify your age and identity during the registration process.

Do I have to pay taxes on lottery winnings in Virginia?

Yes, you will be required to pay taxes on lottery winnings in Virginia. Your winnings will be treated as income, so you will need to pay federal and state income tax. The rate you need to pay will be determined by your tax bracket.

Can I play Powerball online in Virginia?

Yes, you can play Powerball online in Virginia. Anyone aged 18 or older can buy Powerball tickets at the Virginia Lottery’s official site or app. You can opt for an “Easy Pick,” which chooses the numbers for you, or you can build your own tickets manually.

Can I play Mega Millions online in Virginia?

Yes, you can play Mega Millions online in Virginia. Tickets are available to purchase via the official Virginia Lottery app or the website. You can save your favorite numbers, build your own tickets, or use the “Easy Pick” function to receive randomly assigned numbers.

Does the Virginia lottery offer online slots?

The Virginia Lottery does not offer online slots, but you can play instant games at the VA Lottery app or website. These games look similar to online slots and have similar gameplay, but they are actually more like scratchers. Instant games are legal in Virginia, and some have progressive jackpots, so they could appeal to slots fans.

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