Michigan Online Lottery Overview

The Michigan Lottery has an expansive online offering for players 18 years and up. You can participate in all the multistate and local draw games, as well as a wide variety of instant games. On this page, we will cover everything you need to know about playing online lottery games in Michigan.

Can you play the Michigan Lottery online?


The Michigan Lottery established online gaming options in November 2014. Customers can purchase tickets for draw games like Mega Millions and Powerball and play digital instant games, keno, and raffles.

Michigan is one of 12 states (plus Washington DC) that offer state-run online lottery purchases for their residents. You can play the games on the Michigan Lottery website or mobile app.

Main facts to know about the Michigan online lottery – July 2024

Here are the key facts to know about Michigan’s online lottery.

Does Michigan have an online lottery?Yes
When did it launch its online lottery?November 2014
How can you play the MI Lottery online?Via the Michigan Lottery website or its app
What type of games can you play?Instant games, draw games, keno, raffles
Accepted payment and withdrawal methodsCredit/debit cards, ACH transfers, online banking, Venmo, PayPal, Online game cards, check (only available by phone), cash (at retailer)
Legal age to play18
Who regulates the MI online lottery?Michigan Gaming Control Board

Our experience playing the Michigan Lottery online

We’ve thoroughly tested both the mobile app and website for the Michigan Lottery. Here, we’ll run through some of the important characteristics of what the product offers.

Efficient, while not visually stunning

Both the browser version and the mobile app have a similar look and feel, which makes transitioning from playing on one to the other a little easier.

Both also offer clear menus. The site has a main menu in the upper left with the following dropdown options:

  • Games
  • Resources
  • Promotions
  • Responsible Gaming
  • About Us
  • Find a Retailer
  • Help

The expansive list of options at the top of the dropdown menu also helps guide you through any questions regarding games, deposits, and withdrawals.

The mobile app offers many of the same menu options, but they’re at the bottom of your phone or tablet in a horizontal toolbar. The Michigan Lottery app is a little clunky visually, as it looks a little like the website home page but zoomed in too far. It’s not terribly appealing, but still easy to use. Its menu features are more appropriate in size and display for the mobile option.

Overall, while not perfect, the Michigan online lottery doesn’t take a textbook manual to figure out. The site and app both point you in the right direction to find what you are looking for and important information. Game speeds and transactions are quick and won’t keep you waiting, which is important for any gaming experience.

App vs. browser

Again, there aren’t too many differences between the mobile app and the website. Both have a full library of games and information.

The mobile app does have one advantage: easy ticket-scanning. Just tap the “Scanner” icon in the bottom toolbar and give the app access to your camera to begin scanning for winners and entering second-chance raffles.

MI Lottery - app

While the site does have a ticket checker feature for typing in barcodes and game numbers, it’s not quite as efficient as a scanner and is not very easy to find. That leads us to favor the mobile app.

More than 220 games to play

There’s no shortage of available games with the Michigan Lottery online.

Both the site and mobile app include:

  • Instants (213)
  • Draw games (5)
  • Keno (6)
  • Second chance (9)
  • Raffle (6)

The draw games include multistate games like Mega Millions and Powerball.

When it comes to online instant games, you’ll have a hard time finding a state that offers as many options as Michigan. That’s what makes it one of the best online lottery sites in our humble opinion. Enjoy more than 200 digital instant games that range from $0.10 to $50 per ticket.

Subscription services

On top of the large game library, the Michigan Lottery offers online subscription services.

The service is available for Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto 47, Fantasy 5, and Lucky for Life. Customers can purchase multiple tickets for an upcoming draw or recurring tickets for their favorite game.

You can select the number of tickets you wish to purchase for each drawing, your numbers, and your add-ons. Sign up once, and ticket purchases will renew weekly until you cancel the subscription.


The Michigan Lottery does include online lottery promo codes and offers.

One of the main offers is the “Daily Spin to Win.” Customers can spin the prize wheel every day. You can win retail or online free play, special offers, or up to 1,000 entries for a monthly $5,000 cash giveaway. Spin every day for free as long as you have an account.

MI Lottery - Promotions

If you’re looking for a Michigan Lottery promo code, for either online or retail offers, visit the “Promotions” tab in the site’s main menu and the app’s bottom toolbar to get a look at what’s available. The current welcome promo is a 50% match plus $15 in free play on your first two deposits.

During our experience on the app, one of the Michigan Lottery promos was a “Let’s Play Giveaway.” Customers could scan select instant tickets to earn entries into a giveaway at the end of the month. Through this giveaway, one player could win $5,000 in cash, while 50 more players would get $100 in online credits.

Michigan also offers second-chance drawings on a variety of games. In these games, customers can use non-winning retail instant tickets for a second chance to win something like free play or coupons for retail tickets. The desktop and mobile app can help you register your losing tickets to enter the weekly drawings.

Customer support has a live chat option

The Michigan Lottery’s online customer service has three options if you are having issues. All options are on the contact page.

  • Call 1-844-917-6325
  • Submit an email ticket
  • Live chat

The live chat feature generated a quick response and helped direct us to the proper information for questions about games or if we had a ticket dispute.

The phone line had options for winning numbers, scheduling appointments, and addressing issues. However, we couldn’t reach an operator, so we had to leave a message to hear back. That’s less than ideal.

Pros and cons of the MI online lottery


  • Wide game selection
  • Ticket scanning available
  • Several withdrawal options


  • Promotions are more raffle-like than immediate bonuses
  • Lack of Apple Pay or Google Pay options
  • Difficult to get immediate help from real person

How to buy Michigan Lottery tickets online


Create your account.

On the site, access the main menu and tap “Register.” If you’re using the app, tap the profile icon in the upper right and select “No Account? REGISTER NOW.”


Once you've registered, fund your account.

Deposit money into your account using one of the available options.


Access the games library.

You can select your game from the home screen of both the site and the app, but it might take some scrolling. Alternatively, tap the “Games” icon in the app’s bottom toolbar and tap “Filter” at the top of the next screen to easily find your chosen draw game. If you’re on the site, tap “Games” within the main menu, and you’ll be directed to a similar screen.


Pick your game.

On both the app and the site, tap the icon for the draw game you want to buy tickets for, and you’ll be directed to a screen with information including past results for that game, prize payout information, odds for the game, and a “Buy Now” button. More extensive information is available on the site version. (We played Fantasy 5 for this example, but the process is similar for all draw games.)

When you’re ready, tap “Buy Now.”

Screenshot of the Fantasy 5 draw game page at the Michigan Lottery online for PlayiLottery review


Select your numbers.

You can choose from a handful of “EASY PICK” options, where the site or app will choose your numbers for you. You can also choose to “PICK MY NUMBERS” and do it manually. You can even “COMBO MY NUMBERS” and play every combination of your pre-set favorite numbers.

Here’s one thing we do not like, though: you cannot edit your numbers if you choose one of the “EASY PICK” options. It would be nice to be able to review the random selections to see if there’s anything we’d want to tweak.

If you choose to select your own numbers, you’ll be directed to the number selection screen, where you can also select the number of draws and number of tickets you’d like to purchase.

Screenshot of the number selection page for Fantasy 5 while playing MI online lottery for PlayiLottery review


Purchase your tickets.

If you opt for an “EASY PICK” option, you’ll be directed to a screen where you can select the number of tickets and the number of drawings you’d like to purchase. You’ll also be given the option to subscribe, which will automatically buy tickets for this draw game once a week for you. When you’re ready, tap “CHECKOUT.”

If you choose your own numbers, tap “ADD TO CART” at the bottom of the number selection page. Then, you’ll be sent to the page we just discussed above.

Screenshot of the purchase tickets screen on the Michigan Lottery online version for PlayiLottery review

How to play Powerball in Michigan

Purchasing a Powerball game ticket online in Michigan isn’t difficult. You can add funds after selecting tickets if you wish, but it may be best to do so prior to beginning your purchase. It’s important to note that you need to spend at least $5 on the overall Powerball tickets to purchase them online.

  1. Select Powerball from the games page on the site or app.
  2. Hit “Buy Now.”
  3. You can choose “EASY PICK” options to save time filling out three, five, or 10 tickets. Otherwise, select “PICK MY NUMBERS” to begin filling out your own ticket. You can also select “COMBO MY NUMBERS” to play every combo of your favorite numbers.
  4. In the shopping cart, you can edit your number of tickets and for how many drawings. You can also add Power Play or choose to start a subscription option.
  5. When your cart is to your liking, click “CHECKOUT.”
  6. Select your payment option. The site will confirm your purchase.
  7. Go to the “Upcoming Draws” option in your account to view your tickets for the upcoming drawing.
  8. If you have a winning ticket, the Michigan Lottery will notify you of your winnings and deposit them into your account or let you know if you need to visit a lottery service center to claim a larger prize or jackpot.

MI Lottery - Powerball

How to play Mega Millions in Michigan

Like Powerball, Mega Millions is pretty easy to play and requires at least $5 in purchases to play online. Here’s the process.

  1. Select Mega Millions from the games page.
  2. Hit “Buy Now.”
  3. You can choose “EASY PICK” options to save time filling out three, five, or 10 tickets. Or select “Pick My Numbers” to begin filling out your own ticket. The “COMBO MY NUMBERS” option will play every combo of your pre-set favorite numbers.
  4. You can edit your number of tickets and for how many drawings. You can also add the Megaplier or choose to start a subscription, which would purchase Mega Millions tickets for you each week.
  5. When you’re ready, tap “CHECKOUT.”
  6. Select your payment option. The site will confirm your purchase.
  7. Tap the “Upcoming Draws” option in your account to view your tickets for the upcoming drawing.
  8. If you have a winning ticket, the Michigan Lottery will notify you of your winnings and deposit them into your account or let you know if you need to visit a lottery service center to claim a larger prize or jackpot.

What Michigan Lottery games can you play online?

Here’s a rundown of all the game categories available for online play in Michigan.


Michigan offers more than 200 instant win games online. Many resemble online slot games, but instead of spins, customers purchase a ticket at a given price point to activate the lotto game. Essentially, these are scratch-offs online, where fun graphics and animations reveal your results instead of a coin scratching a physical card. There are several games with progressive jackpots, too, where the grand prize builds and builds until one lucky player wins it.

  • Best instant game: Michigan Lottery Loot is a homegrown game with a top prize of $100,000. Ticket prices range from $0.50 to $20, giving players a lot of options. A Bonus Wheel feature is always fun, and this game has one. We’ve included a video of us trying the demo.

Mega Millions, Powerball

These multistate draw games, which feature big progressive jackpots, are played across the country. You can play both online in Michigan.

Other draw games

Michigan has three other lottery draw games for online play: Fantasy 5, Lotto 57, and Lucky For Life. Though the prize pots are smaller than those for the multistate games, they can still offer life-changing money.

  • Best draw game: Lucky For Life offers $1,000 a day for life as its top prize. It’s a quick-and-easy game for even the greenest lottery newcomer.


Online keno is a Michigan online lottery specialty. Many state-run lotteries don’t offer keno online, but Michigan has six keno options. Just select your numbers and your ticket price to begin the game and see if you are a winner. Keno is also offered at select online casinos in Michigan.


Here’s something else unique: the Michigan Lottery runs online raffles, with six options currently available. Tickets are priced from $1 to $20, with top prizes ranging from $50 to $1 million.

These games aren’t available online in Michigan

Here’s a look at some games not available in Michigan that are available online in other states.

Fast Cash

Fast Cash lottery games are only available in retail locations in Michigan. These are scratch-off games that you can find at retail locations and lottery terminals.

Pull tabs

These lottery games are often referred to as break-open tickets. Each ticket contains at least one perforated tab that, when opened, reveals potential winning numbers or symbols. Pull tabs are only available at select retail locations in Michigan.

Retail-only draw games

Though Michigan offers five online draw games, the state has 11 total draw games available at retail stores. Non-online draw games include Cash Pop, Club Keno, Daily 3, Daily 4, Keno $250,000, and Poker Lotto.

Latest Michigan Lottery industry news

MGCB Speaks Out On Efforts To Protect Skill Games, Prevent Illegal Gambling

July 23, 2024 | By: Hill Kerby

The Michigan Gaming Control Board recently released a statement reiterating its position on skill games and illegal gambling within the state.

Michigan Lottery Tickets Can Now Be Purchased In Select Walmart Stores

April 25, 2024 | By: Dan Holmes

Michigan Lottery players looking for draw and instant games can now buy their tickets at one of 19 select Walmarts located in the state.

Michigan Lottery To Offer Cash Pop Games Starting April 14

April 12, 2024 | By: Hill Kerby

The Michigan Lottery is set to add another popular gaming option this weekend, as Cash Pop will debut in its 12th state overall.

Pollard Banknote Continues US Lottery Growth With New Michigan Deal

March 25, 2024 | By: Drew Ellis

Pollard Banknote continues to expand its lottery business with a new deal in Michigan, while its iLottery vertical keeps growing through NeoPollard.

Deposit and withdrawal options

Michigan has set limits for withdrawals and deposits. Note that other states with online lottery have their own limits.

Deposit methods and maximums

The Michigan Lottery requires at least $10 on a deposit, with a preset maximum of $505 weekly. Customers can adjust the maximum to a lower amount. Raising the maximum requires approval, which takes 48 hours.

Deposit methodMaximum deposit
Credit/debit (VISA, Mastercard, Discover) 💳$505 weekly
Online banking 🏦$505 weekly
ACH transfer ➡️$505 weekly
PayPal 💲$505 weekly
Venmo 🟦$505 weekly
Online game cards 💰$505 weekly

Withdrawal methods

The Michigan Lottery requires all withdrawals to be at least $10. Maximums depend on the withdrawal method.

Withdrawal methodWithdrawal timeWithdrawal minimumWithdrawal maximum
Bank account 🏦3-5 business days$10$50,000
Check (only by phone) ✍️Up to two weeks$10$50,000
PayPal 💲2-4 hours$10$50,000
Visa, Mastercard, Discover 💳1-2 hours$10$2,000 per request, up to five times per day, 10 times per week
Retail voucher 💸1 hour$10$200 per request, up to 10 per day.

Michigan lottery online game card

The Michigan Lottery also offers online game cards. These are prepaid cards that can be purchased at retail locations to add funds to your online account. The game card is printed like a draw game ticket and you enter the code on the ticket into your account to claim your deposited funds. Online game cards can’t be reloaded with funds.

Card values of $10, $20, $50, and $100 can be purchased at lottery retail locations. Users may deposit a maximum of $500 per week from online game cards.

How to claim online lottery winnings in Michigan

If you are a Michigan online lottery winner, you can claim your prize in a few different ways, depending on the amount you won.

  • Winnings below $600: If you win anything below $600, the amount will be automatically placed in your online account.
  • $600-$99,999: Any prize in this price range must be claimed through a Michigan Lottery claim center. You can schedule an appointment with a claim center at 1-844-917-6325. You can also make claims through the mail or through drop-off areas at the claim centers. Winners must fill out a Ticket Receipt Form for their win.
  • $100,000 and up: If you win a jackpot of $100,000 or more, you will need to submit an online claim and then visit the Michigan Lottery headquarters at 101 E. Hillsdale in Lansing. To begin the process, go to “Tax Reported Prizes” in your online account and follow the instructions on the screen. Winners will receive an email from the Michigan Lottery before visiting headquarters to claim their prize.

The Michigan Lottery has six lottery claim centers, including its headquarters, throughout the state. They are in Lansing, Livonia, Sterling Heights, Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Saginaw.

For further information and necessary forms, visit the Michigan Lottery FAQ on claiming prizes.

Playing the Michigan Lottery online vs. at a retailer

Here’s a brief comparison of what the Michigan Lottery offers online versus in person.

Online lotteryRetail lottery
Play from your phone/desktop
Powerball and Mega Millions
Second-chance drawings
Accepts cash
Credit/debit accepted
Minimum age18+18+

Where can I buy a lottery ticket in Michigan?

If you don’t want to buy an online lottery ticket and are looking for a retail option in the state, you don’t have to look far.

Around 10,500 businesses throughout the state earn commissions on the sale of retail lottery products. These include gas stations, convenience stores, drug stores, grocery stores, and more.

The following cities have more than 200 retail options within a four-mile radius:

  •       Clinton Township
  •       Dearborn
  •       Detroit
  •       Grand Rapids
  •       Flint
  •       Lansing
  •       Livonia
  •       Southfield
  •       Sterling Heights
  •       Warren
  •       Westland

To find an option near you, use the find-a-retailer tool on the website.

Checking lottery tickets online or via the Michigan Lottery app

Checking your own tickets through the Michigan Lottery app or website is quite easy.

For the mobile app, just click on the scanner icon at the bottom of the home screen. Once you’ve given permission for the app to access your camera, line up the bar code of your ticket in the frame box. The app will inform you if your ticket is a winner.

The website has a “ticket checker” feature, too. In your profile menu, you can find the option to click on the ticket checker. From there, type in barcodes and game numbers to see if your tickets are winners.

Notable recent Michigan Lottery winners

Responsible gaming in Michigan

The Michigan Lottery has an ongoing campaign called “Play Responsibly: Keeping It Safe And Fun,” intended to help promote responsible gaming for its players. The Michigan Lottery website lists the problem gambling hotline (call 1-800-270-7117) or text 248-648-3363. You can also live chat with someone at the Michigan Lottery to direct you to any responsible gambling questions.

The Michigan Lottery also has RG tools that players can implement, including deposit limits, loss limits, time limits, and more. The Michigan Lottery presets a deposit maximum of $505 a week, but players can opt to lower that amount. Players can also self-exclude from playing for a given period of time.

In addition, you can access our responsible gaming page for further safe play information.

Michigan online lottery FAQ

Where can you buy Michigan Lottery online game cards?

Michigan online lottery game cards are available at retail lottery locations. They come in values of $10, $20, $50, and $100. The game card is printed like a draw game ticket, and you enter the code on the ticket into your account to claim your funds.

Does Michigan offer any online lottery promotions?

Michigan does have occasional promotions related to games, but it also offers the “Daily Spin to Win” online. Customers can spin the prize wheel each day. They can win retail or online free play, special offers, or up to 1,000 entries for a monthly $5,000 cash giveaway.

What is the minimum age to play the lottery in Michigan?

You must be at least 18 and physically located in Michigan to play the Michigan Lottery.

Is there a Michigan Lottery app?

Yes, the Michigan Lottery app is available to download on most iOS and Android mobile devices via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Do I have to pay taxes on Michigan Lottery winnings?

Yes. For prizes of more than $5,000, the Michigan Lottery is required to withhold 24% for federal income tax and 4.25% for state income tax. Those amounts don’t necessarily cover your total tax liabilities. It’s important to consult an accountant or tax attorney to determine your tax obligations.

Can I play Powerball online in Michigan?

Yes, Michigan’s online lottery offers Powerball tickets. You can also purchase tickets in advance of drawings through a subscription service.

Can I play Mega Millions online in Michigan?

Yes, Michigan’s online lottery offers Mega Millions tickets. Mega Millions is one of several popular draw games you can play online in Michigan, including Powerball and Lucky For Life.

Does the Michigan Lottery offer any online slots?

No, online slots are not part of the Michigan Lottery. While online instant games have a similar look to online slots, they are not the same. Instant games are just retail tickets with animation on a desktop or mobile app. Their odds are the same as retail lottery games, which are usually around 1 in 4.4 to win. Most online slots at a casino have a 92-96% Return to Player percentage.

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