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About PlayiLottery

Our mission is to educate consumers about online lotteries and to encourage legal gambling by providing extensively researched, unbiased reviews and rankings.

About PlayiLottery

Play iLottery is an unbiased and unaffiliated private company that has a simple overarching ambition: to support the online lottery industry by providing information to consumers with a focus on integrity, safety, and legality.

We recognize online lotteries are something that is still very new to most U.S. consumers. Since 2011, only six U.S. states have launched or will be launching an online lottery.

Many U.S. consumers, including regular gamblers, are still very much in the dark when it comes to the new phenomenon of online lotteries. There is a great deal of stigma and suspicion attached to them as a result.

As a responsible organization, which places the integrity of our information and the safety of the consumer at the heart of our operations, we strive to:

  • Educate U.S. consumers on the benefits of playing secure and regulated online lotteries and instant games, particularly in contrast to the many unregulated and offshore websites or offline vendors available.
  • Provide current and regularly updated information to consumers who are interested in learning more about regulated online lotteries, including the legal issues surrounding them and the various games offered.
  • Improve the general public’s and state officials’ perception of online lotteries to help the growth and development of what is a safe, secure, and responsible way to participate in gambling.
  • Eliminate inaccurate portrayals of the regulated online lottery industry and the negative light in which it is regularly portrayed online and in print.

We are an independently owned company that is not endorsed by, funded by, or affiliated with any online lottery.


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