Online Lottery Sites in the US

More than a dozen US markets (12 states plus Washington DC) offer some form of online lottery purchases. States that don’t have formal online lottery sites often offer courier services that enable players to get tickets via a third-party app.

This page will cover:

  • Which states offer these options?
  • Which games are available?
  • And everything else you need to know about playing online lottery in the US.

US states with online lottery sites

Currently, 12 states and Washington DC offer online lottery games in some format. Not all of these markets are the same; each has its own limits and game types. Three additional states are expected to launch online lotteries soon, and we’ll discuss those in more detail below.

On top of the states with online lottery sites, there are 13 markets (12 states, plus Puerto Rico) that offer lottery courier services. Such services let players buy tickets online and then send a runner to buy them at a physical location.

Below is a map showing the current status of online lottery offerings across the US.


No online options

Online draw games

Lottery couriers available

Legal, but not yet live

Online instant games and draw games

Draw games (with subscription)

Instant games

List of states that offer online lottery sites

Here are the 13 markets in the United States that offer some sort of formal online lottery. We’ve also listed the types of games available for purchase online in each market.

StateOnline instant games?Online draw games?
Maryland✔️ (via subscription)
New Hampshire✔️✔️
New York✔️ (via subscription)
North Carolina✔️✔️
North Dakota✔️ (via subscription)
Rhode Island✔️
Washington DC✔️✔️

Do I need an online lottery subscription?

Whether you need a lottery subscription depends on which state you are playing from. Three states — North Dakota, New York, and Maryland — have online lottery games available via subscription only.

In other states with online lotteries, you don’t need a subscription, per se. You always need to create an account and confirm your age before you are able to play online. In most states, this is all that’s required, and you don’t have to pay anything to play except for the cost of the games themselves.

That said, some states offer the option to auto-reload or purchase tickets for select games on a rolling basis. Our take is simple: we like it when subscriptions are an option, but we don’t like it when they are the only option. Still, something is better than nothing.

List of states that allow lottery courier sites

Lottery courier sites offer an online option for purchases in various states. These sites are legal because the app company functions as a sort of middleman.

Players purchase tickets online, and then a runner physically buys the ticket at a participating retail location.

These services (where available) essentially let you play lottery games online in the absence of a state-sanctioned online platform.

Here are the US markets where these third-party courier apps are legal and available.

New Hampshire✔️
New Jersey✔️
New Mexico✔️
New York✔️✔️
Puerto Rico✔️
Washington DC✔️
West Virginia✔️


Ranking the best online lottery sites in the US

Below, we briefly highlight the online lottery options available in the corresponding markets. For this ranking, we did not include states that only allow third-party courier apps.

Most Expansive Game Library In The US

New Player Promo: 50% Match + $15 Bonus on First 2 Deposits

Games Available: Instant games, draw games, keno, raffles

1. Michigan


Michigan has become an online gambling hub in the Midwest, and that reputation includes an online lottery. Powerball, Mega Millions, Daily 3, Daily 4, Lucky For Life, and other draw games are offered in addition to a deep well of e-Instant games. Michigan also boasts the country’s deepest online lottery game library, with over 220 game options.

Participation age:18+
Available to:MI residents located in Michigan
Mobile-optimized site:Yes
Mobile app:Yes
Number of games:213 instant games, 5 draw games, 6 raffles, keno
Welcome bonus:Yes — 50% match plus $15 bonus on first two deposits
Ongoing promos:Yes

Lottery site home page - Michigan

Straightforward Design, Easy Navigation

New Player Promo: 100% Deposit Match Up to $849

Games Available: Instant games, draw games, keno

2. Kentucky


Kentucky is a great state for online lottery players. Its well-designed, mobile-optimized site offers all the most popular draw games, including Powerball, Mega Millions, and state-specific games like Kentucky 5. The Kentucky online lottery’s Instant Play library is chock full of games at various price points, and it lets you demo games for free before you try with real money.

Participation age:18+
Available to:KY residents located in Kentucky
Mobile-optimized site:Yes
Mobile app:Yes
Number of games:80 instant games, 9 draw games, keno
Welcome bonus:Yes — 100% deposit match up to $849
Ongoing promos:Yes

Screenshot of home page of KY online lottery for PlayiLottery review

A Humming, High-Functioning Website

New Player Promo: $3 Free Game Voucher for Pyramid of Gold

Games Available: Instant games, draw games

3. Illinois


In 2012, Illinois became the first state to offer online lottery purchases. Now, more than a decade later, it’s one of the best online lotteries in the country. The Illinois Lottery has a streamlined app with various payment methods and dozens of great games, including multi-state draw games (Powerball, Mega Millions) and Fast Play e-Instants.

Participation age:18+
Available to:IL residents located in Illinois
Mobile-optimized site:Yes
Mobile app:Yes
Number of games:28 instant games, 6 draw games
Welcome bonus?Yes — one $3 free game voucher for Pyramid of Gold
Ongoing promos?Yes

Lottery site home page - Illinois

Looks Outdated, But Super Easy To Use

New Player Promo: 100% Deposit Match Up to $1,000 + $20 No Deposit Bonus

Games Available: Instant games, draw games

4. Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania is no stranger to online gambling. The state has a full-fledged market for online sportsbooks, casinos, and lottery games. The Pennsylvania Lottery has more than 150 e-Instants for online play. You can also enjoy draw games—including Powerball, Mega Millions, and others—online in PA.

Participation age:18+
Available to:Anyone physically located in Pennsylvania
Mobile-optimized site:Yes
Mobile app:Yes
Number of games:157 instant games, 9 draw games
Welcome bonus:Yes — 100% deposit match up to $1,000 plus $20 no deposit bonus
Ongoing promos:Yes

Lottery site games page - Pennsylvania

Video Tutorials + Live Chat Customer Service

New Player Promo: 50% Deposit Match Up to $100 + 10 Free Games

Games Available: Instant games, draw games, raffles

5. Virginia


Virginia Lottery players can participate in various draw games or instant win games online. The available titles are offered on the VA Lottery website, which has been thoughtfully optimized for mobile users. The Virginia online lottery is notable for its wide variety of payment methods, which include debit cards, ACH, PayPal, online banking, and PayNearMe, as well as its detailed video tutorials teaching players how to play its games.

Participation age:18+
Available to:Anyone physically located in Virginia
Mobile-optimized site:Yes
Mobile app:Yes
Number of games:105 instant games, 7 draw games, 1 raffle
Welcome bonus:Yes — 50% deposit match up to $100 + 10 free games
Ongoing promos:Yes

Screenshot of home page of Virginia lottery online for PlayiLottery review

Most Visually Appealing Site In The Industry

New Player Promo: 100% Deposit Match Up to $250

Games Available: Instant games, draw games, keno

6. Washington DC


The District has a lot going for it with regard to online lottery players. It has a strong variety of games, including e-Instants and draw games (multi-state and local). The welcome bonus is one of the best, too, offering a 100% deposit match up to $250. Players in Washington DC have plenty of online lottery options and perks. Unfortunately, the lack of online banking options prevents us from giving out five stars here.

Participation age:18+
Available to:Anyone physically located in Washington DC
Mobile-optimized site:Yes
Mobile app:Yes
Number of games:83 instant games, 7 draw games, keno
Welcome bonus:Yes — 100% deposit match up to $250
Ongoing promos:Yes

Lottery site home page - Washington DC

More than 110 games available

New Player Promo: 50% Deposit Match Up to $125

Games Available: Instant games (including Quick Win), draw games, keno

7. Georgia


The Georgia Lottery offers online purchases for various draw games, such as Powerball, Cash4Life, Mega Millions, keno, and more. Additionally, the state has e-Instants called “Diggi Games.” You can play online in Georgia using the state’s lottery site, which is outdated compared to its app but still functional. The state’s online lottery variety is strong, with more than 110 games offered.

Participation age:18+
Available to:GA residents located in Georgia
Mobile-optimized site:Yes
Mobile app:Yes
Number of games:105 instant games, 8 draw games, keno
Welcome bonus?Yes — 50% deposit match up to $125
Ongoing promos?Yes

Lottery site games page - Georgia

Website Packed With Easy-To-Access Features

New Player Promo: None

Games Available: Instant games, draw games

8. North Carolina


North Carolina is one of the top online lotteries in the US because it has very few restrictions. Players can enter drawings for Powerball, Mega Millions, Lucky For Life, and many others online. Additionally, the NC Education Lottery has 20 e-Instants, with new ones launching periodically.

Participation age:18+
Available to:NC residents located in North Carolina
Mobile-optimized site:Yes
Mobile app:Yes
Number of games:20 instant games, 6 draw games
Welcome bonus:No
Ongoing promos:Yes

Flexible Deposit And Withdrawal Methods

New Player Promo: None

Games Available: Instant games, draw games

9. New Hampshire


New Hampshire is a small but mighty state with a plethora of online lottery games to enjoy. The only hitch in NH is the state’s lottery app. The app allows you to scan tickets and check for wins, but playing online only works via a mobile browser. Despite this issue, New Hampshire’s online lottery is solid, offering more than 130 e-Instants and a handful of draw games.

Participation age:18+
Available to:Anyone physically located in New Hampshire
Mobile-optimized site:Yes
Mobile app:Yes — but gameplay on mobile browser only
Number of games:136 instant games, 5 draw games
Welcome bonus:No
Ongoing promos:Yes

Lottery site home page - New Hampshire

Exclusive Promos Via VIP+ Subscription

New Player Promo: 50% Deposit Match Up to $50

Games Available: Instant games

10. Rhode Island


Rhode Island’s online lottery is good but not great. It starts off with a confusing structure. A VIP Standard online account just lets you check tickets, find retailers, and similar features. Meanwhile, a VIP+ Purchase Power account lets you enjoy keno and e-Instants online. Neither plan costs anything, but you must have the latter to play online. The Rhode Island online lottery doesn’t offer draw games. However, the library of more than 60 instant games is a fun array.

Participation age:18+
Available to:Anyone physically located in Rhode Island
Mobile-optimized site:Yes
Mobile app:Yes
Number of games:63 instant games, keno
Welcome bonus:Yes — 50% deposit match up to $50
Ongoing promos:Yes

Lottery site home page - Rhode Island

Best Option Among Subscription-Only Sites

North Dakota Online Lottery

New Player Promo: None

Games Available: Draw games (with subscription)

11. North Dakota


North Dakota has limited online lottery options. Through the state’s lottery website, you can play five draw games via the “Pick & Click” program, including Powerball and Mega Millions. It allows you to purchase tickets for a single drawing or a subscription for multiple drawings that lasts up to a year. North Dakota does not offer any e-Instants.

Participation age:18+
Available to:ND residents located in North Dakota
Mobile-optimized site:Yes
Mobile app:Yes
Number of games:5 draw games (via subscription)
Welcome bonus:No
Ongoing promos:Yes

Limited Draw Game Options Offered Via Subscription

New Player Promo: None

Games Available: Draw games (with subscription)

12. New York


New York is one of the few states that only offers online lottery games via subscription. Subscriptions are available for Mega Millions, New York Lotto, and Cash4Life. Winnings below $600 are credited to your online account for withdrawal, which is a nice perk despite the absence of e-Instants or individual online drawing entries.

Participation age:18+
Available to:Anyone physically located in New York
Mobile-optimized site:Yes — plus separate site for second-chance drawings
Mobile app:Yes — plus separate app for second-chance drawings
Number of games:3 draw games (via subscription)
Welcome bonus:No
Ongoing promos:Yes

Lottery site home page - New York

No Options For Online Withdrawals

New Player Promo: None

Games Available: Draw games (with subscription)

13. Maryland


Maryland’s online lottery is limited. The state offers online subscriptions to only four draw games. You must fill out a physical form, include a check or money order, and send it via snail mail to the MD Lottery office. Only once they receive it will your subscription start. You can’t buy tickets online directly, nor can you withdraw winnings that way. Also, there are two sites—a Maryland Lottery site and a rewards site—with repetitive features.

Participation age:18+
Available to:MD residents located in Maryland
Mobile-optimized site:Yes — two sites
Mobile app:Yes — two apps
Number of games:4 draw games (via subscription)
Welcome bonus:No
Ongoing promos:Yes

Lottery site home page - Maryland

How we determine the top online lottery sites

See the star ratings assigned to each of the online lotteries above?

Here’s how we assessed the 13 available online lottery sites to arrive at those star valuations.


Access to an assortment of draw games

If you’re playing at an online lottery site, chances are you’re there to have fun. You should therefore have plenty of access to draw games. We check each online lottery for available draw games. We first look for Powerball and Mega Millions, the two biggest multi-state draw games. We also give higher ratings to iLotteries with more draw options, such as Lucky For Life or state-specific games. The more, the merrier when it comes to online lottery games.


Are there e-Instants?

Instant win games (or e-Instants, as they’re sometimes known) are key pillars of a solid online lottery experience. Any online lottery that offers e-Instants gets extra points in our ratings. Additionally, we seek a lot of variety. How many games are available? Are the themes varied? Do the prices offer various points of entry for new players and seasoned ones alike? We ask these questions to find the best online lotteries for e-Instants.


Easy payment, fast withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals at online lottery sites should be easy and seamless. Further, players should have a wide variety of methods through which to fund their accounts. PayPal, ACH eCheck, credit, and debit are among the main methods we want to see. Bonus points for online lotteries that accept Apple Pay and Google Pay. In addition to deposits, we look for withdrawal methods and fast payouts.


Gameplay — browser vs. app

How many ways can you play? It’s a key question when we analyze online lotteries. Most offer website purchases, but not all of them have dedicated mobile apps with purchasing capabilities. A polished and easy-to-use mobile app goes a long way toward making a lottery recommendable. What’s more, are the sites optimized for mobile? Do they perform as well as the apps? Do they look as sleek and streamlined? Many people don’t like clogging their phones with lots of apps and would prefer browser gameplay, so these are important questions to ask.



Promotions come in two forms: online lottery welcome bonuses and ongoing offers. Our first step is to check whether a lottery offers a welcome bonus, such as a deposit match or a small amount of free play. The value of the offer is a big influence on whether we recommend signing up. Second, we take a look at ongoing promotions. Many online lotteries have promos for new games that might give you some bonus credits. Others may offer special sweepstakes for players.


Overall user experience

It’s not rocket science. Playing the lottery online should be simple and easy. Our criteria for this category include ease of sign-up, navigation, speed/processing time, and more. The more polished and streamlined the experience is, the more likely we are to recommend the iLottery.

These states are launching online lotteries soon

Three states are on the cusp of launching an online lottery.

Black state outline of New Jersey
New Jersey

The NJ Lottery Commission created an online lottery structure for New Jersey with hopes of selling its first digital tickets in late 2024. The rule would only allow for draw game purchases online. There would be no instant-win games. Even with that said, last winter, state legislators introduced two bills to prevent the NJ online lottery launch. Those bills don’t yet have committee hearings scheduled, so the future is uncertain.

Black CT state outline filled in

All signs point to Connecticut as the next big iLottery launch. The state passed legislation allowing iLottery sales in 2021, but the three intervening years marked slow progress toward an actual launch. At an April meeting, the Connecticut Lottery Corporation announced it was targeting May 2024 for an official launch date of its online platform, which would include draw games and keno.

Filled in black West Virginia state outline
West Virginia

In the fall of 2023, the West Virginia Lottery formed a partnership with NeoPollard Interactive to launch an iLottery. The state has yet to go live, and there hasn’t been any recent update on a potential launch, but WV online lottery games should be on their way. The state appears focused on launching online poker later this year, so perhaps that’s taking priority. PlayiLottery will stay up-to-date with any news.

Will other states launch or expand online lottery options?

Indeed, some states are toying with the idea of launching or expanding online lottery platforms. Whether these efforts come to fruition remains to be seen, but these markets have expressed interest in some form or another.


Ohioans could eventually play lottery games online. In early 2024, the state’s lottery began making a case to allow online play. With the advent of sports betting, the state lottery wants to offer online sales to stay competitive and give customers easier access to its games.


Recent polling says half of Massachusetts residents support online lottery coming to the state. That represents a plurality, as 37% oppose it while 13% are indifferent. That data emerged around the time a committee in the state House of Representatives included online lottery in its 2025 budget.

New York

Efforts to legalize online lottery in New York faltered in 2024. However, State Senator Joseph Addabbo—a champion of online gambling in the Empire State—is keeping his sights on 2025. Addabbo’s most recent effort is SB8185, which would authorize online lottery games and online casinos in New York.


Maryland’s current subscription-only model barely qualifies as online lottery play. The state legislature seems interested in expanding online lottery options, but a bill in the current legislative session passed a key deadline without going to a vote, so it’s no longer active in this session.

What games can I play at online lottery sites?

And what games aren’t available?

🪙 Scratch-offs: Scratch-offs are an inherently physical game category. You can’t scratch the screen of your phone with a quarter unless you want a pricey repair. Scratch-offs remain a retail-only lottery game.

💸 Fast Cash: Fast Cash lottery games are available in a handful of states, and they’re relegated to retail locations. You can’t play them online, though sometimes similar games are offered as e-Instants. Georgia, for instance, has Quick Win games online that have the same feel as a Fast Cash game.

💰 Pull-tabs: These are another game type with a crucial physical element. The format of pull-tab games makes them retail-only with no online option.

🔢 Retail-only draw games: While many states offer online draw games, each has its own restrictions on which draw games can be played digitally. Check your state lottery website for a list of retail-only draw games.

🎰 Slots: Slots are available only at online casinos and social casinos in states that have legalized them. These are different from online lotteries.

🎲 Table games: Table games are exclusive to online casinos and social casinos. While some state lotteries offer e-Instants based on table games, actual table games like blackjack and baccarat are offered only at real money and social online casinos.

Most common deposit and withdrawal methods

The methods for deposits and withdrawals at online lotteries vary by state. Below, we’ll feature the most common methods, but we recommend checking our individual state online lottery guides (click on the buttons under each state outline on this page to access those guides) for exact details and methods offered.

Deposit methods

MethodEstimated processing time
Credit card 💳Instant
Debit card 💳Instant
Online banking 🏦Instant
ACH eCheck ➡️Instant
PayPal 💲Instant
Venmo 🟦Instant
Check ✍️A few days, depending on the lottery’s process
Cash at retailer 💵Up to 60 minutes, where offered

Each lottery has its own rules and regulations surrounding deposits. Check with your preferred site to find more information about deposit options.

Additionally, deposit minimums and maximums are set by each state lottery.

Withdrawal methods

MethodTypical processing time
Online banking 🏦Up to 5 business days
PayPal 💲Up to 3 business days (usually faster)
Check ✍️Up to 14 business days

Withdrawals are a tad trickier than deposits simply due to lottery rules. Most states will automatically award prizes below $600 into your account to withdraw via any method you choose. Bigger prizes typically come with additional stipulations on how to claim them. Some lotteries let you claim such prizes by mail (to be paid via check), while the biggest prizes often require an appointment with a state lottery’s claims office.

Responsible gaming resources

State lotteries put forth good-faith efforts to promote responsible play. Enjoying the lottery is a form of gambling, and there are plenty of resources offered to players who may have a problem.

Players can learn more at our responsible gaming overview page. Plus, there is a vast selection of programs available on the state and national levels for lottery players.

The National Council on Problem Gambling is one of the top responsible gambling organizations in the US. It runs the problem gambling hotline, which offers 24/7 confidential support to anyone struggling: 1-800-GAMBLER. Trained responders can direct gamblers to further resources. You can also reach the NCPG by text or live chat.

Support groups are also available across the nation. Gamblers Anonymous is perhaps the best-known resource for in-person support. The partner organization Gam-Anon is geared toward the loved ones of problem gamblers.

FAQ about online lottery sites

Can I play lottery games in my state even if it doesn’t have a lottery site?

If your state has a lottery courier site, then yes. You can use sites like Jackpocket, theLotter, or to buy tickets where available. Otherwise, you must visit a retailer to play.

Is a lottery courier the same as a lottery site?

No, but they are similar. A lottery site is usually offered by the state lottery itself, letting you buy tickets or games directly from the organization. Lottery couriers will let you purchase a ticket online, then send a runner to buy your ticket at a retailer physically. Lottery couriers are great options for players in states without a formalized online lottery.

Is it safe to play at an online lottery site?

Yes, as long as the site is owned by a formal lottery in the US. There are 12 states (plus Washington DC) whose lotteries offer some sort of online platform. Those platforms face oversight and regulation, so any of those options would be safe. Any sites advertising lottery games that aren’t associated with a formal lottery are likely unregulated, offshore sites that don’t face oversight and regulation. We recommend against using these sites.

Can I play games at online lottery sites for free?

Not technically. Yes, most sites let players play lottery games for free in demo mode, but you can’t win any money that way. If you’re interested in playing for a chance to win money, you have to spend money to buy the lottery ticket or game—just like you would at a licensed retailer. Some online lotteries do, however, have sweepstakes promotions that involve a chance at free prizes.

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