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Just as online gambling has boomed in the US in recent years, so has the number of sites covering online gambling.

PlayiLottery—focused on US lottery gaming, both online and retail—is part of that media ecosystem. There are many excellent, reputable sites out there covering the gaming industry, but some outlets have lower standards for accuracy, resulting in misinformation. Thus, it’s crucial to gain the trust of our readers. Here’s how we operate.

PlayiLottery’s editorial guidelines—from idea to published story

All the information you read on PlayiLottery is thoroughly vetted, well reported, and, beyond all else, reliable. In short, you can trust our work 100%.

These are our editorial guidelines for every step of the reporting and writing process.


Story identification

The ideas for PlayiLottery stories are based on our original reporting and research, as well as information released directly from states, commissions, oversight committees, and operators. If another outlet reports information from what it claims to be its original reporting, PlayiLottery will not publish a story on the topic until it can independently corroborate the information.


Research and information-gathering

When it comes to research for our editorial content, PlayiLottery relies primarily on analysis, data, and insight provided by neutral parties, such as state governments and agencies or independent research firms. If we use data presented by a stakeholder, such as survey results from an organization pushing to legalize iLottery in a certain state, we will clearly articulate where the information came from and why it may need to be taken with a grain of salt.


Vetting sources, interviews

PlayiLottery relies mainly on experts and stakeholders when it comes to our human sources. Experts are, most often, neutral observers who can provide valuable insight based on their years of experience in a certain field. But we don’t just take their word for it. We vet expert sources and essentially do our own background checks to make sure their perspectives are ones we want to pass along to our readers. Stakeholders, meanwhile, have a vested interest in the topic at hand. They are still valuable sources for interviews. However, they have a bias, so it’s vital to at least give stakeholders from the other side (or other sides) of the topic an opportunity to speak to us before we publish editorial content on that topic.



Every single staff member at PlayiLottery has worked at a professional news organization. Our writing reflects that experience. We produce clean copy with accurate grammar, spelling, and punctuation. We have our own style guide that is modeled after the Associated Press style guide, used by the vast majority of major outlets across the US. We strive to write straight to the point with the simple, conversational language you’d hear among friends.



Each story published on PlayiLottery undergoes two rounds of fact-checking: one by the writer and one by Chris Imperiale, the site’s managing editor, who reads every story before it is published.


Editor review and publish

In addition to fact-checking each story, the managing editor ensures the content meets PlayiLottery’s standards for clarity, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style. The managing editor also makes sure each story’s hyperlinks go to the correct internal and external pages so that we’re not sending you on a wild goose chase.


Corrections, if necessary

Please write to [email protected] if you believe we need to correct any published content. For simple grammar, style, or linking issues, we will correct the story and republish it. In the rare and unfortunate case that something we report on is inaccurate or outdated, we will add an editor’s note to the story noting that the original version had incorrect information and when we fixed the issue.

We are a team of journalists with high standards

As we mentioned earlier on this page, every member of the PlayiLottery team has worked for a professional news outlet. Examples of those outlets include USA TODAY, Bleacher Report, and the Des Moines Register.

Our writers have received journalism awards from organizations across the US, including the Associated Press, Pennsylvania Society of Professional Journalists, Keystone Press Association, Iowa Newspaper Association, and San Diego Press Club.

We treat PlayiLottery like we did every professional newsroom we worked in. We take integrity and accuracy seriously.

Learn more about each of our contributors on our About Us page.

PlayiLottery is part of an affiliate network. What does that mean?

PlayiLottery is part of Catena Media, a network of sites covering the legal gambling sectors in the US and abroad. Certain links on Catena Media sites may lead to compensation from third parties. However, those third parties have zero influence on the content published by any Catena Media site.

We should also note that, currently, no links on PlayiLottery would lead to any compensation.

Feel free to reach out

If you have any further questions about the editorial guidelines at PlayiLottery, don’t hesitate to contact Managing Editor Chris Imperiale at [email protected].

For other questions, comments, tips, concerns, or anything else, head to our Contact Us page.

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Matthew Bain

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