NY Bill Would Allow Residents To Claim Winnings From Lost Lottery Tickets

A bill is on the table in New York that could allow residents to claim lottery winnings even if they’ve lost the ticket.

Senate Bill 4726 proposes that lost tickets remain valid if a person can show proof of purchase and satisfy the remaining items on the New York Lottery’s winner claim form. This would include popular options like draw lottery games.

Bill would amend state tax law in New York

SB 4726, introduced by Sen. James Sanders, Jr. (D—Queens), aims to amend chapter 166 of the state’s 1991 tax law. 

That chapter pertains to unclaimed and abandoned prize money. Currently, lost tickets fall into that category.

The bill, which was originally introduced in February 2023 and was recently amended and recommitted to the Senate Racing, Gaming, and Wagering Committee, differentiates lost tickets into a new category. The text reads: 

“A prize claim for a person who lost his or her ticket shall be valid if submitted to the commission with documentary proof of purchase from the seller of such winning ticket…Upon a showing of such proof, the commission shall promptly make payment of the prize claim to such person.”

Retailers will need to keep lottery records

Retailers will play a role in providing proof of sale for lost tickets. The final paragraph from the bill would require all outlets to retain proof of sales and any additional identifying information gathered for at least one year from all drawings.

If the bill passes, claims will remain invalid after one year from the date of the lottery draw game or the close of a game involving a winning prize. Unclaimed prizes, plus interest, go toward future lottery winnings as supplemental payouts and through promotions.

The bill does not yet have a hearing date scheduled with the Racing, Gaming, and Wagering Committee.

How to claim NY Lottery winnings

NY Lottery winners can claim a prize of up to $600 at any licensed retail location, by mailing it to the lottery, or by scheduling an appointment at a customer service center.

Retailers cannot pay prizes of $601 and above, but winners have three similar options:

  • Schedule an appointment
  • Mail their winning ticket to the lottery
  • Redeem their prize at a prize claim center (does not require an appointment)

Prizes exceeding $600 require winners to provide four additional pieces of information:

  • Their winning ticket (subject to change with proof of purchase)
  • A completed winner claim form
  • A valid government-issued ID
  • A valid Social Security number or FEIN

The New York Lottery has 14 customer service and prize claim centers statewide after permanently closing its Fishkill location on March 29. You can find detailed information regarding how to claim NY Lottery prizes through its website.


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