New York Online Lottery Overview

The New York Lottery allows players to set up online subscriptions for popular draw games such as Mega Millions, Cash4Life, and NY Lotto.

New Yorkers can also register with courier services like Jackpocket and, which allow you to buy individual tickets online.

This page explains the various options available to you and everything you need to know about playing online lottery games in New York.

Can you play the NY Lottery online?

Yes, in a limited capacity.

The official NY Lottery site cannot sell individual tickets, but you can set up subscriptions for NY Lotto, Mega Millions, and Cash4Life online. You can also buy individual tickets for eight draw games by signing up with courier services such as Jackpocket. The draw games include Powerball, Pick 10, Take 5, Win4, and Numbers.

Main facts to know about the NY online lottery – June 2024

New York is one of 12 states (plus Washington DC) to offer some sort of state-run online lottery purchases.

These are the points to familiarize yourself with before you play.

Does New York have an online lottery?Limited, via subscription
When did it launch its online lottery?2019
How can you play the NY lottery online?Website and NY Lottery app, third-party courier services such as Jackpocket and
What type of games can you play?Subscriptions to NY Lotto, Mega Millions, Cash4Life
Accepted payment and withdrawal methodsCredit card, debit card, online banking
Legal age to play18
Who regulates the New York online lottery?New York State Gaming Commission

Want to play the NY Lottery online? Here’s our experience

The NY Lottery site offers only subscriptions for a limited range of games, so you may prefer to sign up with a lottery courier service instead. We have analyzed the pros and cons of each option below.

The site is limited, and the sign-up process is clunky

The New York Lottery has an official website, which provides a few helpful services:

  • Purchase subscriptions for NY Lotto, Mega Millions, and Cash4Life.
  • Learn more about New York lottery games and check past results.
  • Find your nearest licensed lottery retailer.
  • Schedule an appointment at a lottery customer service center.

It’s hard to find where to get started for signing up. It took us three minutes. But other lottery sites make it easy to find a simple “Register” or “Sign Up” button. The NY online lottery does not. Here’s the process.

  • Tap the main menu at the top of the home screen, then select “Draw Games.”
  • Scroll down until you see the “Sign Up” button. Tap that.
  • You will then be directed to Tap “Subscribe Now” on the main screen.
  • Select “Register here” below “Not what you’re looking for?” on the next screen.
  • Provide your name, date of birth, last four SSN digits, and email address.
  • Set up a password and security questions, and provide your address details. Complete the form.

You will be verified automatically, and you can then visit the subscription center to create and manage multiple subscriptions. The site features a simple dropdown main menu at the top of the screen, which makes it easy to find information about games, upcoming draws, results, and prizes.

However, it is lackluster compared to some other states’ online lottery sites. For example, the Kentucky Lottery site sells individual tickets for a wide range of in-house draw games, plus Mega Millions and Powerball. It also offers keno and more than 75 instant games. By contrast, the NY Lottery site is limited in its scope.

NY Lottery - Site

The app is stunning … but also limited

There is also an official NY Lottery app, which you can download through Google Play or the App Store. The app has an average user rating of 3.6 stars on Google Play and 1.7 stars from iOS users on the App Store.

Those ratings are poor. However, it is worth noting that most New Yorkers only use the app to scan physical lottery tickets to check if they have won. The scanner stopped working properly in 2022, which led to a barrage of 1-star reviews. It was fixed after a few months, and the complaints mostly dried up.

The best thing about the app—beyond its gorgeous design—is the ease with which you can create an account. After you open the app, you’re presented with three options:

  1. “CONTINUE AS GUEST” — you’ll be able to see winning numbers, prizes, and draw dates
  2. “LOG IN”

Tap on the third option, and you’ll immediately start the registration process. This is much easier than on the site.

However, you will not be able to subscribe to draw ticket purchases via the app. The perks of creating an account on the app are just the ability to scan your ticket and receive jackpot notifications. There are also fun number generator games, but you cannot play real money lottery games.

Screenshot of the home screen of the NY online lottery app for PlayiLottery review

Collect ‘N Win is a separate app for second-chance games

The NY Lottery also has a separate Collect ‘N Win app. This is for second-chance promotions — the mainstay of the online lottery promo offers in New York.

The idea is to collect six separate symbols—an NY sign, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, an apple, a fire hydrant, and a subway carriage—as you purchase lottery tickets.

Each lottery ticket has one symbol, chosen at random. All draw tickets and select scratch tickets are eligible. When you collect all six symbols, you will earn a single entry into a second-chance drawing, with prizes of up to $5,000.

Screenshot of the Collect 'N Win home screen, part of the NY Lottery online offerings, for PlayiLottery review

There are also short-term promos with larger prizes. For example, one recent Collect ‘N Win promo featured a grand prize of $50,000 and daily instant wins of $250.

Courier services offer more online options than the NY Lottery

A lottery courier service is an app that allows users to buy retail lottery tickets via their mobile devices.

This might not be useful in a state such as North Carolina, where residents can purchase tickets via the state lottery’s online platform. However, in a state like New York, where online options are limited, a courier service has appeal.

How does it work?

  • A user opens the app and buys individual tickets for lottery draw games.
  • An employee of the courier service will then purchase the ticket(s) for you from a licensed retailer in your state.
  • An image of the ticket is uploaded on the app.
  • The user will receive any winnings from the retail ticket in their app’s account.

There are three lottery courier services operating in NY. They allow residents to buy lottery tickets for games other than NY Lotto, Mega Millions, and Cash4Life, the only games available via the NY Lottery online platform.


Jackpocket launched in New York in 2021.

The Jackpocket app makes it easy to find games. You can enter your numbers manually or use “Quick Pick” for random numbers. We found the whole process convenient and straightforward. There is also a $3 welcome bonus.

The only downside is that you will need to pay a deposit fee of 7% to 10%. On the plus side, you don’t need to pay a joining fee, a monthly fee, or withdrawal fees, and it does not take a cut of your winnings either.

You can buy tickets for these NY Lottery games via Jackpocket:

  • Powerball
  • Mega Millions
  • NY Lotto
  • NY Pick 10
  • Take 5
  • Win4
  • Cash4Life
  • Numbers launched a lottery courier service in New York in August 2023. The company celebrated the news by announcing a major sponsorship deal with the New York Yankees.

It charges a 15% deposit fee, and the welcome bonus is only worth $2.

Customers can buy tickets for seven draw games at The only one missing is Take 5, which is available at Jackpocket and launched in New York in July 2022. Tom Metzger, chief executive of the Jersey City-based company, describes it as “the Uber Eats of lottery.”

Some Android users have complained about geolocation issues. also charges a 15% “convenience fee” on deposits. lets users buy tickets for the same eight NY Lottery games as Jackpocket.

Pros and cons of the NY online lottery



  • Buying tickets online is quicker, simpler, and more convenient than in-person purchases.
  • Rival lottery courier services are competing for market share in New York, which should inspire them to reduce costs and offer compelling bonuses.
  • You can use the Collect ‘N Win app to enter second-chance drawings in NY.


  • The official NY Lottery site only allows players to set up subscriptions for a few draw games.
  • Lottery courier services charge deposit fees, which can range from 7% to 15%.
  • You cannot play instant lottery games online in New York, whereas most states with online lotteries permit digital instants.

How to buy lottery tickets online in New York

If you would like to set up a subscription to Mega Millions, Cash4Life, or NY Lotto via the NY Lottery’s official site, follow these steps:


Sign into your account and head to the subscription center.


Choose a game and select the number of draws you would like to play.


Select your numbers manually or opt for “Quick Pick.”


Complete your purchase by providing your card or bank details.

If you are interested in buying individual tickets for a wider range of draw games, you will need to register with a site or app such as Jackpocket,, or You can then follow these steps:


Log into your account and make a deposit.


Select one of the draw games, such as Powerball or Win4.


Choose how many tickets you would like and how many draws you want to play.


Select your own numbers or use “Quick Pick” for randomly assigned numbers.


Confirm your purchase.


The courier will then fulfill your order from an official New York Lottery retailer.


A scan of your ticket will appear in the app prior to the drawing, and you will also receive an email confirming your ticket’s serial number.

How to play Powerball in NY

You cannot purchase Powerball ticket subscriptions via the NY Lottery online.

You can, however, play Powerball at apps like Jackpocket and in New York. We’ll use Jackpocket in this example, but the steps are similar across all courier apps.

  1. Select Powerball from the list of available games on the main menu.
  2. Enter your numbers or use “Quick Pick” for randomly assigned numbers.
  3. Confirm your order, and the funds will be deducted from your account balance.
  4. Jackpocket will buy your ticket from a licensed lottery retailer in NY and store it in a fireproof, guarded safe. You will receive confirmation of your ticket via email, and a scan will be available in the app.
  5. Jackpocket will let you know if you have won after the drawing.

Prizes of up to $600 will be credited to your account balance, and you can withdraw the funds free of charge. If you win more than that, the paper ticket will be securely transferred to you, so you can take it to a New York Lottery customer service center for redemption.

How to play Mega Millions in NY

You can visit the official New York Lottery site to set up a subscription. The minimum subscription is two weeks, and the maximum is one year. You can create and manage multiple subscriptions online, and prizes of up to $600 will be credited directly to your account.

If you are using a lottery courier app, follow the steps listed below. (We used Jackpocket for this example, but the steps are pretty much the same for all courier apps.)

  1. Access the main menu and select Mega Millions from the list of games.
  2. Use “Quick Pick” randomly assigned numbers and pick your own numbers.
  3. Confirm your order. The funds will then be taken from your account.
  4. Jackpocket will buy your ticket from a lottery retail vendor in NY. The ticket will be stored in a fireproof, guarded safe. You will receive an email with confirmation of your ticket, and a scan will be available in the app.
  5. Jackpocket will let you know if you have won after the drawing.

You will automatically receive prizes of up to $600 in your account balance, and you can withdraw the funds free of charge. For prizes larger than $600, the paper ticket will be securely transferred to you. Then, you can take it to a NY Lottery customer service center to claim your winnings.

You can play these lottery games online in NY

You can play certain draw games online at the official NY Lottery site. Other games require you to register with an online lottery courier service.

Mega Millions

It is easy to create a Mega Millions subscription via the NY Lottery site. Just remember that the minimum subscription is two weeks.

New York Lotto

Lotto is drawn on Wednesday and Saturday each week. A $1 play consists of two games. You will receive $1 for matching three numbers, while bigger wins are calculated on a pari-mutuel basis.


Cash4Life is one of the most popular multi-state lottery draw games. Sales began in New York back in 2014, replacing Sweet Million, and the top prize is $1,000 per day for life. You can subscribe to Cash4Life at the NY Lottery app.


In New York, you can purchase Powerball tickets online, but only through a third-party courier service and not through the official site.

Other draw games

New York residents can also play NY Pick 10, Take 5, Win4, and Numbers via courier apps.

These games aren’t available online

You can play most draw games via online courier services in New York, but there are a couple of exceptions.

Retail-only draw games

Quick Draw, a keno-style game drawn every four minutes from 4:04 a.m. to 3:24 a.m. each day, is only playable in person. Money Dots is also only available at retail stores.

Scratch-off games

You cannot buy scratch-off tickets online in New York. Jackpocket sells official lottery scratch tickets in Colorado and Texas, but that service is unavailable in New York. The NY Lottery site and app also do not offer instant win games.

If you want to play online scratchcards, you can sign up with a social casino in New York. For example, Pulsz offers six exclusive scratcher games: 7 Piggies, Hot Safari, Diamond Strike, Queen of Gold, Gold Rush, and Wolf Gold. You can also play more than 800 online slots at Pulsz, which are similar to scratchers.

New Yorkers aged 18 or older can play these games for fun with Gold Coins, which have no monetary value. You can also use premium coins, known as Sweepstakes Coins (SC), which can be redeemed for cash prizes or gift cards if you win. Players can earn free SC via bonuses and promotions, and you will also receive free SC if you buy Gold Coins.

Will New York offer online scratch-offs and instant games in the future?


Some lawmakers would like to see instant games added to the NY Lottery site, as they believe it would provide the state with a crucial financial boost.

For example, Sen. Joseph Addabbo Jr. filed a bill seeking to authorize online lottery games and online casino games in 2024. Senate Bill S8185A would allow the NY Lottery site to sell “any lawful lottery game authorized by the commission, including … instant cash.”

The bill is currently in the Senate Racing, Gaming and Wagering Committee. Gov. Kathy Hochul did not include iLottery and iGaming in New York’s 2025 budget, which represented a blow to Sen. Addabbo’s bill. However, he has pledged to continue lobbying Gov. Hochul for her support.

Scratch-off games generated $4,406,338,198 in total sales during fiscal year 2022-2023 in New York, vastly exceeding the revenue generated from draw games. Online instant win lottery games could prove just as popular if they were available, so there is a clear economic incentive for them to be rolled out, and Gov. Hochul may eventually give them the green light.

Latest NY Lottery industry news

TheLotter Launches In New York, Becoming Lottery Courier’s Fifth State

June 24, 2024 | By: Drew Ellis

This weekend, theLotter announced that it received a license to operate in New York, making it the fourth lottery courier to be welcomed into the state.

A New York Online Poker Bill Has Surfaced, But It Leaves iLottery In The Dust

May 16, 2024 | By: Cole Rush

New York State Senator Joseph Addabbo has introduced a bill to bring online poker to the state, as he has given up on iLottery plans for 2024.

Scientific Games And New York Lottery Extend Scratch Game Partnership

May 14, 2024 | By: Hill Kerby

Scientific Games and the New York Lottery renewed their long-standing agreement this week, keeping SG as the state's scratch-game provider since 1967.

Deposit and withdrawal options

If you would like to set up a subscription for Mega Millions, Cash4Life, or New York Lotto via the official NY Lottery site, you have a few payment options:

💳 Credit card/debit card

🏦 Bank account

Any winnings of up to $600 will be credited to your account, and you can withdraw them immediately. All payouts are made in the form of a paper check, which will be mailed to the address provided in your profile.

If you sign up with a courier, you will need to make a deposit before buying tickets. Most apps accept the same deposit methods. These are the options on Jackpocket.

🏦 Bank account

💳 Credit card/debit card

🟦 Venmo

💲 PayPal

 Apple Pay

➕ Play+

➡️ ACH transfer

The minimum deposit is $10, and you will be charged a deposit fee. The funds will arrive instantly.

Withdrawals are free. Select the “Payout” option on the side menu within the app. You can then request a withdrawal to your bank account or to your PayPal or Play+ account. Payouts typically take 3-5 days. Just bear in mind that prizes of more than $600 must be claimed in-person, so your paper ticket will be transferred to you if you win big.

How to claim online lottery winnings in New York

  • Up to $600: Any lottery winnings of up to $600 will be credited to your online account. You can then request a paper check in the mail from the NY Lottery site or an online payout through a service like Jackpocket or
  • $601 or more: These prizes must be claimed in person. You can schedule an appointment at one of the NY Lottery’s customer service centers or redeem at a local prize claim center. Alternatively, you can mail your ticket to the NY Lottery, which will then send you a check.
    • To redeem your prize, you must provide your winning ticket, a filled-out winner claim form, an ID card, and a Social Security number or FEIN. To find your local customer service or prize claim center, visit the NY Lottery’s How to Claim page and select your region from the dropdown menu.

Playing the NY Lottery online vs. at a retailer

You will benefit from a larger range of games if you visit a licensed lottery retailer, and you will not incur any fees. However, playing online is far more convenient. These are some of the key similarities and differences.

Online lotteryIn-person lottery
18 or older✔️✔️
Sign-up required✔️
Full range of games✔️
Scratch-offs available✔️
Courier deposit fees✔️
Second-chance drawings✔️

Where can I buy a lottery ticket in New York?

If you don’t want to use a lottery courier service, you can buy tickets in person at 18,000 retail locations across the state. These are the types of stores you can visit:

  • Bodegas
  • Convenience stores
  • Gas stations
  • Liquor stores
  • Newsstands
  • Restaurants
  • Taverns

These licensed retailers sell the full range of tickets, including in-house draw games, multi-state draw games, and scratch-offs. New York has the largest lottery in the country, and these retailers receive a 6% commission on every sale. To find your nearest store, visit the NY Lottery’s Find a Retailer page and type in your address.

Checking tickets online and via the NY lottery app

You can check lottery results online at the official NY Lottery site. Just hit “All Winning Numbers” underneath “Winning” in the main menu. You can then choose a draw game, and you will be shown all the latest results. The site allows you to filter results by date or date range, and you can also type in your numbers to see if they won.

Alternatively, you can use the NY Lottery app to scan tickets. Just tap the “SCAN” button in the bottom toolbar. The app will then tell you if the ticket is a winner. As mentioned earlier, there are sometimes issues with the scanner, but it is generally easier to use the app than to visit a store to confirm winning tickets and double-check losing tickets.

Screenshot of the scan ticket screen on the NY Lottery online app for PlayiLottery review

Responsible gaming in New York

The New York Lottery runs its own program for responsible gaming, which has three tenets: informed decision-making, transparency, and harm minimization. You will find tips for responsible play at the official site. Players are urged to set time limits and spend limits, and to avoid playing with money that is needed for bills. The NY Lottery also urges New Yorkers not to gamble in order to escape feelings of anxiety, stress, or depression.

If you need support, you can call New York’s confidential, toll-free treatment referral helpline: 1-877-8-HOPE-NY or text HOPENY. The New York Council on Problem Gambling (NYCPG) can also help. This non-profit corporation is dedicated to increasing public awareness about problem gambling in the Empire State.

Additional resources for New Yorkers include:

You can also check out our responsible gaming page to learn more. We have provided our top five responsible gambling tips and explained how self-exclusion programs work.

NY online lottery FAQ

How do you watch the live NY Lottery drawings online?

You can watch live NY lottery drawings online via the official New York Lottery app or the website. ABC7 NY also streams live drawings, including Powerball and Mega Millions.

How do you enter second-chance drawings in the NY Lottery app?

You can use the NY Lottery’s Collect ‘N Win app to scan eligible tickets. You will be awarded one symbol for each ticket scanned, and when you have collected six symbols, you will earn an entry into the next second chance drawing, with prizes of up to $5,000 available.

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