Team USA-Branded Lottery Games Hit New Jersey, Indiana Through EQL

It’s about time to get into Olympic fever.

With the 2024 Summer Olympics set to begin on July 26, a few states are getting patriotic through a partnership with EQL Games.

The New Jersey Lottery provides a Team USA fast play progressive jackpot game, while the Indiana Lottery is offering up a Team USA fast play and scratch ticket option.

Last year, EQL Games was able to secure a branding partnership with Team USA. The deal gave the company the rights to distribute its logo through any lottery avenue. This includes fast play, instant win games, scratch tickets, and lottery draw games.

So far, scratchers and fast play are where the company is finding success.

New Jersey scoring big with Olympics fast play progressive

The Team USA fast play game from New Jersey was released in May, and it has produced great results.

Through one month in the market, it leads the New Jersey Lottery as its best-performing new $10 game of the fiscal year.

This $10 fast play game features a progressive jackpot that pays out approximately 66% of its gross receipts.

Players receive gold, silver, and bronze numbers. They then see if any of their grid numbers match the one listed on the medals for a prize.

There are also sport multipliers on the bottom of the ticket. If two matching sports symbols appear, your winning amount is doubled.

The prizes range from a free ticket to the jackpot, with the lowest cash prize being $20. EQL reported that on May 31, a lucky New Jersey resident won the progressive jackpot, which had grown to $280,078.

Overall odds to win any prize in the game are 1 in 3.87.

Hoosier Lottery highlights 2 Team USA games

Most recently, the Indiana Hoosier Lottery announced it would offer a pair of Team USA-themed games to hype up the upcoming Paris Olympics.

First, a Team USA scratch-off ticket that began selling on June 4. It is a $2 ticket with a top prize of $5,000. Players scratch off a giant gold medal and try to find three matching symbols. If so, they look at the prize legend to see what they won. Overall odds are 1 in 4.56 to win.

The Hoosier Lottery also offers a $5 Team USA fast play game that began on May 19. Each ticket has four winning symbols representing different sports. The player then has 12 sports displayed in their grid. Should any match the winning symbols, they win the prize listed. Any ticket that has a gold medal bonus at the bottom immediately wins $20.

The top prize for the fast play game is $10,000, and the odds of winning any prize are 1 in 3.51.

Sarah M. Taylor, Executive Director of the Hoosier Lottery, expressed her joy to have these Team USA offerings in a press release:

“There is a deep bond between Indiana and Team USA, as we have hosted numerous US Olympic Trials which have sent Team USA athletes to the Olympic Games. We are excited to work with EQL Games to bring a Team USA experience to lottery players across Indiana through the Team USA lottery products.”

Both games also offer a second-chance drawing. Each non-winning Team USA game ticket could earn players an opportunity to win up to $5,000.

EQL has exclusive USA lottery rights for upcoming events

EQL is a Louisville-based lottery company. In March 2023, it was selected by the United States Olympics and Paralympic Properties to represent Team USA in the country’s lottery industry.

That covered using the Team USA logos and moniker in retail, digital, and promotional lottery applications.

The partnership will not only apply to the upcoming Paris Summer Games, but also to the Milan/Cortina Winter Olympics in 2026 and the Los Angeles Summer Olympics in 2028.

EQL is looking to build on its impact in the United States and is an omnichannel lottery company.

It’s been able to advance the retail business, but it’s also expanding to more states with online lotteries.

In April, EQL announced a partnership with NeoGames company Pairplay, to provide the Virginia online lottery with a series of games.

EQL also has its existing footprint with the Michigan online lottery and Kentucky online lottery.


Photo by Mikhail Mishchenko via Shutterstock
Graphics from the New Jersey Lottery and Hoosier Lottery

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