Online Sales, $50 Ticket Introduction Boosting Illinois Lottery Performance

Behind the strength of online sales and a $50 scratch ticket introduction, Illinois Lottery sales are up 3.7% from last year through eight months of fiscal year 2024.

Through February, Illinois has produced $2.53 billion in lottery sales. That is 3.6% ahead of what was budgeted for the year.

Currently, sales are projected to be over $3.8 billion for 2024. This is according to Allwyn, which operates the Illinois Lottery and reported the data during the Illinois Lottery Control Board’s Q3 meeting.

The improved numbers are credited to Illinois online lottery sales, which are up 28% at this point in the year. The debut of the state’s first $50 instant ticket has also provided a notable boost.

iLottery sales up 28% in Illinois

During Wednesday’s control board meeting, the impact of online sales was highlighted.

Through the second month of 2024, there are $434 million in online lottery sales. That’s 28% above the $339 million it had through February of FY23. It also is 15.7% ahead of the $375 million that was budgeted at this point in the year.

These online numbers are equating to 17% of the Illinois Lottery’s total sales this year. They also make up 38% of all draw lottery game sales.

Fast play sales sit at $264 million through February, up 5.8% from a year ago. Online draw-based game (DBG) sales are at $170 million, up 35%.

First $50 Illinois Lottery ticket getting $1 million in daily sales

Another big sales driver for the Illinois Lottery over the last quarter was its $50 retail instant lottery game ticket.

On Dec. 5, the Illinois Lottery introduced the first of its kind to the consumer.

The game, simply titled, “$10 Million,” carries three different top prizes of $10 million, as well as 15 prizes of $1 million. The first prize point of $100 has 1 in 4.8 odds to win.

Backed by a focused marketing campaign upon its release, Allwyn reports that the $50 ticket sales are around $1 million per day.

While sales are down for instant tickets at most price points, the success of the “$10 Million” ticket has the Illinois Lottery up 2.6% in sales for all instant tickets this year vs. FY23.

Since its debut, the $50 game has racked up big numbers. Retail instant ticket sales are up 12% year over year from December to February of FY24 compared to FY23.

With the December introduction, there were expectations that this $50 instant ticket could see a surge in sales as a gift option. However, Allwyn, whose 2023 yearly earnings were up 98% thanks in part to its acquisition of the Illinois Lottery, stated that just about one in four people were buying the ticket as a gift in that opening month.

Lottery vending machines to take cards this year

One new feature coming soon for Illinois Lottery players will be the ability to pay with a card at vending machines.

Expected for August or September, players will now be able to purchase their retail instant tickets at vending machines around the state with a card.

Allwyn North American CFO Andrew Lang noted the importance of the move during Wednesday’s meeting:

“That naturally should just allow people to play more conveniently and potentially allow some players who perhaps don’t carry cash, but used to play, to play again.”

Illinois is also looking into the ability for users to pay with Apple Pay or their online wallet. However, that won’t be available when cards are first accepted.


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