Ms. PAC-MAN Scratcher Leading To Big Success For Wisconsin Lottery

The Wisconsin Lottery is experiencing Ms. PAC-MAN fever.

A $3 game that was introduced late in 2023 is seeing big sales results for the state.

This collaboration between Pollard Banknote and the Wisconsin Lottery has 22% better sales than the average instant win game ticket at the same price point since January 2021.

Ms. PAC-MAN among instant lottery sales leaders

According to a press release from Pollard Banknote, Ms. PAC-MAN has had the second-highest sales of any $3 game launched in the fiscal year, based on its first five weeks of sales. That also excludes bingo and crossword games. Currently, Wisconsin has 18 different $3 scratch games available in retail stores.

Ms. PAC-MAN was launched on Dec. 22 and has sold 22% better than the average $3 game in a three-year period.

Aiding in the sales was a marketing campaign put together by Pollard Banknote. It included digital and social media advertising, point-of-sale posters, web banners, and an animated YouTube advertisement.

“It’s always a pleasure collaborating with innovative, forward-thinking lotteries like the Wisconsin Lottery looking for creative ways to expand their scratch game portfolio,” said Brad Thompson, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Pollard Banknote, in the release. “Our retro arcade collection continues to deliver both exciting gameplay for players and great sales for lotteries all over the world. We’re thrilled that the Wisconsin Lottery has joined the growing list who have leveraged Ms. Pac-Man into a successful scratch game.”

Wisconsin is one of 24 North American lotteries to have featured either PAC-MAN or Ms. PAC-MAN on a scratch game. Altogether, the two icons have been part of 36 different scratch games on the continent.

The success of Ms. PAC-MAN has been part of a trend of accomplishments for the Wisconsin Lottery in the last year.

“The Wisconsin Lottery was excited about the opportunity that Ms.PAC-MAN provided, as we are always looking for interesting games that appeal to Wisconsin residents,” John Sams, Product Development Supervisor of the Wisconsin Lottery told PlayiLottery. “We have found that classic video games, with their nostalgic appeal and fun game play, are a great fit for our brand. In addition, not only does Ms.PAC-MAN resonate with current Wisconsin Lottery players, but it also helps us find new players who have a strong appreciation for the property and are looking for fun games to play.”

According to the North American Association of State & Provincial Lotteries (NASPL), Wisconsin had $981.7 million in lottery sales for fiscal year 2023. That was up nearly $100 million from the $887.8 million it produced in fiscal year 2022.

How to play Ms. PAC-MAN lottery scratcher

Ms. Pac-Man scratch game from the Wisconsin Lottery
Ms.PAC-MAN™& ©Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

Ms. PAC-MAN is a scratch ticket game that provides the visual of the iconic arcade game.

Players see three different Ms. PAC-MAN icons to begin with. The goal is to guide her to a prize point by scratching away a path.

The game is played by going over the following steps:

  • Scratch one of the three start positions.
  • Continue to scratch in the direction of each revealed Ms. PAC-MAN symbol, one at a time, to reveal its path through the maze.
  • If the revealed path runs into a bonus symbol, win the prize shown for that symbol and continue scratching.
  • If the revealed path runs into a ghost symbol, that path ends.
  • Should Ms. PAC-MAN reach the prize slot, win the amount revealed in that location.
  • Repeat the steps for all three starting positions to see what you have won.

The top prize for Ms. PAC-MAN is $30,000. Two of the three top rewards are still available as of this writing.

The odds of winning any prize in the game are 1 in 3.7.


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