Mega Millions $5 Ticket To Have Auto Megaplier, $50 Million Starting Jackpot

Mega Millions is in for some big changes in 2025.

We already know that a price increase from $2 to $5 is coming.

But, now we have a clearer idea of what the rest of the new format will look like when one of the most popular multistate lottery draw games reinvents itself next spring.

The biggest development, outside of ticket price, is that the Megaplier will now be automatically included with each purchase.

Winning odds improve, initial jackpot $50 million for new Mega Millions

The Montana Lottery Commission held a meeting on Tuesday. During that gathering, it discussed proposed changes to Mega Millions that would come in the spring of 2025.

A handout provided by the commission unveiled further details about the ticket price adjustment. It included a look at the odds of winning the jackpot and any prize, as well as the starting jackpot amount.

Here’s how the proposed $5 Mega Millions game would compare to the $2 version:

Mega Millions Format$2 Ticket$5 Ticket
Odds to win jackpot1 in 302 million1 in 278 million
Odds to win a prize1 in 241 in 22.15
Starting jackpot$20 million$50 million
Average jackpot$387 million$694 million
Megaplier Cost$1Free
Megaplier range2X-5X1X-10X

Megaplier now automatically included, goes up to 10x

One of the big changes to the new version will be that the Megaplier will be added to every line. Customers will no longer have to pay an additional $1 to get it.

Each Megaplier is determined at random and can be 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or 10x. The average Megaplier will be 2.87.

Mega Millions has nine different ways to win between the five white balls and the one gold Mega Ball. Here’s a look at the prize matrix, the odds changes to the new game, and what a player can win:

Mega Millions
Winning Numbers
(White Balls+Gold Ball)
$2 Ticket Odds$5 Ticket Odds$5 Ticket Prize (1X-10X)
5+11 in 302.6 million1 in 278.4 millionProgressive
5+01 in 12.6 million1 in 12.6 million$1-$10 million
4+11 in 931,0011 in 856,521$10,000-$100,000
4+01 in 38,7921 in 38,923$500-$5,000
3+11 in 14,5471 in 13,383$200-$2,000
3+01 in 6061 in 608$10-$100
2+11 in 6931 in 637$10-$100
1+11 in 891 in 82$5-$50
0+11 in 371 in 34$5-$50

The changes to the Mega Ball odds indicate that there will be three fewer numbers in that mix. It will drop from 37 to 34. That also helps bring down the overall jackpot odds.

However, it appears there could be a small addition to the while ball total, as the odds to secure winning numbers without the Mega Ball have all slightly increased. Currently, there are 70 white ball options.

April 2025 mentioned as starting date

The Montana Lottery information referenced a spring 2025 launch of the new Mega Millions product.

However, during La Fleur’s 2024 Raleigh Conference, Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) Executive Director Bret Toyne indicated an April 2025 debut.

That target date was mentioned multiple times throughout the conference, as well.

The Georgia Lottery Corporation supervises Mega Millions. PlayiLottery reached out to it for confirmation on these latest details. The following quote was sent:

“We’re always looking for fun and exciting opportunities for our players. We don’t have anything to report today. We’ll certainly keep you updated if and when any changes are made.”

Mega Millions is available in 45 states, Washington D.C., and the Virgin Islands.


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