Massachusetts Bill Would Authorize Second-Chance Lottery Games

A bill currently in the Massachusetts Senate would create second-chance lottery drawings in the state. These second-chance opportunities would potentially include popular options like instant lottery games.

The bill’s sponsor, Sen. Patrick O’Connor, introduced the bill, Senate Bill 201, back in February 2023. However, it regained life this past February, when it became part of an order authorizing the joint committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure to give it further study in relation to consumer protection and professional licensure matters.

There is no set deadline on when this study must be completed.

‘An Act to reduce lottery littering’

Officially, the bill is called “An Act to reduce lottery littering,” and the main text of the bill reads as follows:

“The Massachusetts State Treasurers Office shall instruct the Massachusetts State Lottery to develop a second chance game involving all lottery tickets and scratch tickets that do not contain winning numbers. The purpose of the game shall be to increase the amount of scratch tickets and lottery tickets recycled and reduce the amount of scratch tickets and lottery tickets thrown away or littered.”

That’s Section 1 of the bill. Section 2 is even simpler, stipulating that the second-chance game must be operational no later than 180 days after the passage of the bill.

Notably, the bill doesn’t do much in and of itself other than put the onus on the Massachusetts Lottery to develop and introduce the game. Should the measure pass, we’ll likely hear more from the lottery about specific plans for second-chance games.

What are second-chance lottery drawings?

Second-chance lottery games are pretty much exactly what the bill lays out, though the structure and gameplay elements can vary.

Essentially, they offer players an additional chance to win even if they have a losing ticket. Some second-chance games involve bringing a losing ticket to a lottery retailer to check for a win. Others might have an online component in the states with online lotteries.

With this bill, Massachusetts would aim to reduce lottery waste and littering by providing these second-chance gaming options.

Massachusetts iLottery supported by residents

Second-chance games are just the tip of the iceberg for Massachusetts. The House Ways and Means Committee introduced a measure to legalize online lottery in the state as part of the fiscal year 2025 budget.

Support for an MA online lottery is strong in the state. Recent survey results show that 50% of residents approve of the idea, while 37% oppose it and 13% are indifferent.


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