Maine Lottery Sets New Sales Record For Fiscal Year 2024

As June came to a close, most state lotteries wrapped up their fiscal year.

Throughout July and the months ahead, we should get a clearer picture of how fiscal year 2024 went across the US.

On Tuesday, the Maine Lottery provided its year-end sales data.

Coming off a record showing in FY23, the state was able to expand on that in FY24.

Lottery draw games, instants, and fast play all outperformed numbers from a year ago.

Altogether, the Maine Lottery had $430.2 million in sales, nearly 5% greater than the $410.3 million it did in FY23.

$30 instant tickets lead to sales increase in Maine

Instant ticket sales didn’t grow by much for the Maine Lottery in FY24, but it’s clear as to why it improved on its total.

The state introduced the $30 price point late in FY23, thus it generated just $11.1 million in sales that period.

However, with a full year of promoting the $30 ticket and expanding its options, Maine put up big sales in that market in FY24.

Altogether, the state had $55.4 million in sales from $30 instant games. That was an improvement of just under 400%.

Only two other price points, $10 and $20, saw sales growth over the last year.

Here’s how the different instants looked for the Maine Lottery in FY24:

  • $1: $5.3 million, down 16.1%
  • $2: $15.9 million, down 4.8%
  • $3: $20.4 million, down 7.4%
  • $5: $76.6 million, down 1.9%
  • $10: $81.7 million, up 5.3%
  • $20: $29.5 million, up 5.1%
  • $25: $41.5 million, down 46.7%
  • $30: $55.4 million, up 398.6%
  • Total: $326.4 million, up 2.7%

Fast play, Powerball see big jumps for Maine Lottery in FY24

Both the fast play and draw games categories generated sales increases over the fiscal year for the Maine Lottery.

However, only two of the nine draw games had more purchases than last year.

While fast play was up 19.4% with $16.3 million in sales, draw games produced $87.6 million overall, a jump of 11.2% from FY23.

When it comes to the different draw options, Powerball and Megabucks did the heavy lifting. Those two games combined for $11.4 million in growth alone.

Maine also saw a slight boost from adding in Cash POP late in the year. That new option brought in over $419,000.

Here’s a breakdown of each of the draw games for the Maine Lottery in FY24 when compared to a year ago:

  • Powerball: $33.9 million, up 22.8%
  • Mega Millions: $18.6 million, down 7.5%
  • Megabucks: $13.1 million, up 64.5%
  • Lucky for Life: $6.6 million, down 0.7%
  • Pick 3: $6.1 million, down 1%
  • Pick 4: $4.8 million, down 4.1%
  • Gimme5: $1.2 million, down 5.2%
  • Lotto America: $1.9 million, down 35.7%
  • World Poker Tour: $1.0 million, down 10.2%
  • Cash POP: $419,359, n/a in FY23


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Graphic from the Maine Lottery

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