Florida Led The Way In 2023 US Lottery Sales At Nearly $10 Billion

Florida remains the leader when it comes to traditional lottery sales in the United States.

The North American Association of State & Provincial Lotteries (NASPL) released its fiscal year 2023 data and the Sunshine State bested the rest with nearly $10 billion in sales.

Florida finished ahead of California, Texas, and New York for the top spot. Those four states were the only ones to surpass $8 billion in sales last year.

Overall, North America produced over $113.3 billion in lottery sales, with most of the top states seeing notable growth in recent years.

Top 10 states make up 60% of North American lottery sales

The NASPL data focuses on traditional lottery sales.

Those include lottery draw games and scratch-offs, the retail version of online instant win games. They don’t utilize revenue that comes from video game machines.

Based on that info, the top 10 states from 2023 remain quite similar from the previous two years.

Compared to fiscal year 2021, nine of the top 10 states saw sales growth in FY23. Of those nine, six were by at least 5%.

Here’s a closer look at the top states when it comes to lottery sales last year:

StateFY21 Traditional SalesFY23 Traditional SalesGrowth
Florida$9.076 billion$9.802 billion8.0%
California$8.417 billion$9.250 billion9.9%
Texas$8.116 billion$8.726 billion7.5%
New York$7.666 billion$8.292 billion8.2%
Georgia$6.034 billion$6.137 billion1.7%
Massachusetts$5.798 billion$6.112 billion5.4%
Pennsylvania$5.437 billion$5.136 billion-5.5%
Michigan$3.925 billion$4.864 billion23.9%
Ohio$4.330 billion$4.464 billion3.1%
North Carolina$3.805 billion$4.343 billion14.1%

When adding up the total, these 10 states make up nearly 60% ($67.1 billion) of North America’s $113.3 billion in yearly sales.

US Lottery facts & figures

The United States has 45 of its 50 states offering a retail lottery. Also included are lotteries in Washington, DC, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

When it comes to Canada, Ontario was the province leader for lottery sales last year. It did $4.6 billion (Canadian) in sales.

Lotteries have benefited a number of causes over the years. Since 1964, they have raised over $614 billion for US government programs. In FY23, $30.4 billion was provided.

Altogether, there are approximately 223,000 retail lottery locations scattered throughout the US. Depending on each state/jurisdiction’s laws, retailers make between 5-8% commission on ticket sales.


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