Draw Games Helping Arizona Lottery FY24 Sales Outperform FY23

As has been a common trend in the US for fiscal year 2024, the Arizona Lottery is trending in the right direction for sales behind strong draw game numbers.

Last Friday, the state gave an updated report on its FY24 sales. Through June 2, Arizona is 1.4% ahead of its sales from last year and 6.5% ahead of its projected budget.

Arizona sits at $1.43 billion in sales for the year.

While instant games make up most of that number at $972.5 million, it’s the lottery draw games that are having the biggest impact.

Draw sales are up 10.7% from last year at $455.7 million. Even more impressive is that they are up 55.1% over the state’s budget thus far.

Mega Millions, Powerball lead the way for Arizona

Arizona’s draw games are doing pretty well across the board, according to its latest commission report.

Multi-state games ($310 million) are up 7.4% year-over-year and up 89% over budget. Those would include Mega Millions and Powerball.

In-state draw games ($95.3 million) are 21.5% higher than a year ago and 16% over projection.

Fast play ($47.8 million) is 13.3% ahead of last year’s sales and 7.1% over projection.

Quick draw games ($2.7 million) are the only category not hitting its budgeted mark. It is 11.6% below projection, but still 17.8% ahead of last year’s sales pace.

These draw games have made up for the decline in scratch ticket sales for Arizona. Though it accounts for $957.5 million of its yearly total, that number is 2.5% down from a year ago and 7.1% below projection.

Multiple states relying on Powerball sales

One of the common trends of lottery sales in FY24 has been the success of multi-state draw games, especially Powerball.

With large jackpots occurring throughout the last 12 months, Powerball has spurred many states to improved sales numbers for the year.

Here’s a look at just a few:

  • California: Powerball up 24% year-over-year in April and 205% over goal
  • Illinois: Draw game sales were up 12% over budget through April
  • Massachusetts: Powerball sales up 205.1% year-over-year through May
  • Montana: Powerball sales up 39% year-over-year through 48 weeks
  • New Jersey: Through April, Powerball sales up 236.2% year-over-year; Mega Millions sales up 143.4%
  • North Carolina: Through May, Powerball sales up 84.1% year-over-year; Mega Millions sales up 72.1%
  • Washington: Powerball sales 111.5% above budget through May; Mega Millions 76.1% ahead

These improved multi-state draw numbers have been especially important for states without online lotteries. Their lack of an iLottery boost has required the Powerball sales to make up for declining scratch and instant game purchases.


Photo by PlayiLottery
Graphic from the Arizona Lottery

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