Digging Into The Success Of Georgia Lottery’s Omnichannel Quick Win Games

There’s no denying that iLottery is on the rise.

As states in the US with online lotteries continue to see growth in sales, the challenge becomes finding a balance with retail sales.

Georgia is working to find that balance, creating omnichannel games that can be played online and at retail stores in the same format.

These “Quick Win” games launched this past fall and have seen positive results since. Could it be the new innovation in state lottery that brings harmony between online and retail sales?

How Quick Win games work

In September 2023, the Georgia Lottery Corporation launched its Quick Win games. They were considered a reinvention of the state’s Fast Play games.

Quick Win incorporates both Georgia online lottery and retail channels with the same games. Whether you purchase a retail ticket, or play the iLottery version, the game is the exact same.

The GLC elected not to spice up the digital version and make it look like an eInstant game. This way the playing experience is equal to the retail player. It won’t put added emphasis on the online game to entice players to go with that version.

Adding to the Quick Win format is, at each price point, there is a progressive jackpot that builds for each game. That progressive jackpot is tied to the retail and online versions of the game.

Jackpots begin at $50,000 and grow with each Quick win ticket sold at the given price point.

Each Quick Win prize is an instant prize, including the progressive jackpot.

Currently, there are eight Quick Win options as part of the GLC.

Three exist at the $10 price point and share one progressive jackpot:

  • 100X The Money
  • Hit $1000
  • $50 and $100 Frenzy

There are also three games at the $5 price point, and they share a jackpot:

  • 50X The Money
  • Hit $500
  • $25 and $50 Frenzy

Finally, there are two games at the $2 price point, and they share a jackpot:

  • 20X The Money
  • Hit $250

Quick Win brings immediate sales boost

The Quick Win games saw immediate results. According to La Fleur’s, on the first day of the new game format, the GLC had $463,414 in total sales.

The iLottery version generated $278,000 of the first-day sales with 7,200 participating players.

Through two months, the game was responsible for nearly 10% of the state’s iLottery daily sales. Through five months, Quick Win games have generated over $25 million in iLottey net sales with over 6 million plays.

Of the online lottery customer base, 16% are purchasing at least one Quick Win game on a weekly basis.

One of the challenges still remains the ability to promote equally between the two channels. Digital advertising is a quick and easy process that gives access to a much wider customer base.

Retail advertising requires some time and structure, and reaches a much lower audience.

For those reasons, the online sales of Quick Win are understandably ahead of the retail version thus far.

Georgia iLottery sales soar in FY23

The Quick Win game was introduced in the midst of Georgia’s fiscal year 2024. That means the overall sales will go toward year-end data that will conclude on June 30 of this year.

What should be expected is that online sales for the GLC will continue to climb.

The conclusion of FY23 brought some big sales improvements for the Georgia iLottery.

For fiscal year 2023, Diggi (eInstants) sales increased by $271.7 million compared to FY22.

Overall, they were $581.6 million. That’s 87.7% growth. They had 85 active online games at the end of FY23 (June 30).

As of this writing, Georgia has 96 different Diggi Game offerings to go alongside the Quick Win options.

The sales from FY23 didn’t include the online lottery draw games either. So the overall online impact is even greater than beyond the $581 million in sales.


Image: Screenshot from Georgia Lottery website

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