Data Shows Louisiana Lottery Coming Up Short Of FY24 Sales Record

The Louisiana Lottery set records in fiscal year 2023.

While it doesn’t appear that it will repeat that feat this fiscal year, the state looks to be putting up second-best sales numbers.

Louisiana doesn’t provide month-to-month sales information, but has detailed its prize giveaways.

Because of that, we can pinpoint an approximate total of what the state has done in purchases from its lottery draw games, scratch tickets, and fast play.

It looks as if this year will see a decline in sales for Louisiana, but it’s still a solid showing.

Louisiana produced record lottery sales, contributions in FY23

For fiscal year 2023, the state generated $652.4 million in lottery sales. That was up 11.9% from $582.9 million in sales for FY22.

Last year was a record-setting campaign for the Louisiana Lottery. The sales led to $212 million in contributions to the state treasury for K-12 public education.

When it comes to fiscal year 2024, the Louisiana Lottery has been providing updates on its quarterly contributions:

  • First quarter: $54.6 million
  • Second quarter: $51.6 million
  • Third quarter: $47.8 million
  • April: $15.9 million

That gives 10 months of contribution data, which adds up to $169.9 million. In order to match last year’s record total, it would have needed to amass $42.1 million over May and June. Given Louisiana was averaging just under $17 million through the first 10 months, it’s unlikely it got to that level.

Prize data puts FY24 sales around $630 million in Louisiana

The Louisiana Lottery does provide quarterly sales results, as well.

Through March, the state had $491.6 million in lottery sales.

Last week, the Louisiana Lottery announced it contributed $22.7 million in prizes to its players in June. That was $15.5 million from scratch-off games, $6.5 million through draw games, and $746,000 from fast play.

A month ago, the state reported $27.4 million in prizes for May. That was $17.7 million in scratch prizes, $9 million from draw games, and $730,000 in fast play.

For April, Louisiana finished with $28.5 million in prizes. That month saw $18.4 million come from scratchers, $9.4 million in draw games, and $732,000 from fast play.

In FY23, the Louisiana Lottery allocated just over 57% of total sales back to its customers. That gives us a slight idea of what the sales were for the final quarter.

When combining all three months of prize totals, that equates to $78.6 million. If we do the math, with that total representing 57% of sales, that means the state did about $137.9 million in sales for the quarter.

That would put Louisiana at just under $630 million for FY24. While the performance is $22.4 million below last year, it still would be the second-highest total and put the state well over the $600 million mark for the second consecutive year.


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Graphic from the Louisiana Lottery

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