Crossword Cash Review

Crossword Cash is an instant-win type online lottery game with a top prize of $6,000. The game board consists a crossword puzzle on an 11 x 11 grid. You win prizes when the letters on your game card match all the letters in three or more words in your crossword.

The gameplay area is divided into three sections:

  • The puzzle board is in the center of your screen
  • Your letters are on the left of the screen
  • The prize table is on the right

The game board is designed to resemble a newspaper crossword. Letters are black on a white background and the fonts are large and clear. When your letters are revealed, their color changes to white on a green background.

Crossword Cash game odds

Crossword Cash gives players 1: 3.09 odds of winning a reward – expect to win an average of three out of every ten games you play.

Here are the odds of winning some of the prizes:

PrizeOdds (one in)

Crossword Cash bet sizes

The minimum bet is $0.10 and the maximum bet is $10.00. There are eight bet amounts available in total:

  • $.10
  • $.20
  • $.50
  • $1.00
  • $2.00
  • $3.00
  • $5.00
  • $10.00

How to play Crossword Cash

To begin a round of Crossword Cash, use the +/- buttons to scroll through bet sizes on the Set Bet screen. Click PLAY when your desired bet is displayed.

The crossword puzzle game board appears. On the left is the ‘Your Letters’ section with question mark-labeled circles. Click each circle to reveal a letter. You can click the Reveal All button at the top of the board to reveal all your letters at once.

Every letter you reveal turns the corresponding letters on the crossword board green. If the revealed letters match every letter in a word, the entire word turns yellow.

You win a prize if three or more words turn yellow. The prize for the number of words you spell is a multiple of your initial bet:

  • Three words: 1x
  • Four words: 2x
  • Five words: 4x
  • Six words: 10x
  • Seven words: 50x
  • Eight words: 100x
  • Nine words: 500x
  • Ten words: 6,000x

You only win the prize corresponding to the exact number of yellow words on your game board.

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