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Pennsylvania Lottery Releases New iLottery Game: Big Diamond


The Pennsylvania Lottery recently brought the iLottery game Big Diamond into the fold, offering a pristine online lottery game to Pennsylvania residents.

As one can imagine from this game’s name, it makes the cut with a clean, clear, crisp design that shimmers with rewards waiting to be won. Unlike a diamond engagement ring, you won’t have to commit a month’s salary to buy yourself a ticket to the game. Anyone can enjoy a round and capitalize on the game’s winning potential. Buy a ticket at the stakes you want and reap rewards equal to your investment. You could walk away with the $10,000 top prize.

Pennsylvania Lottery game: Big Diamond

Big Diamond is a key number match-style game arranged in a 3×5 grid. In the game, players attempt to match numbers from a bank of numbers and a personal field of numbers with corresponding cash values. With three separate bonus games, Big Diamond is an exceptionally rewarding feature that promises tremendous winning potential with minimal investment from the player.

Players have the option to include numbers in groups of five, with a minimum of five numbers required to play and up to a maximum of 15. The average return to players comes to 87.12%, which is noticeably lower than other games offered by the Pennsylvania iLottery. However, the additional bonus features available in the game provide more winning opportunities on which to capitalize.

Take advantage of the White, Black and Pink Diamond bonus games to drive rewards even higher than those available in the standard game.

How to play

It doesn’t take much to get started in a game of Big Diamond. Players need only settle on a ticket value and how many numbers to activate. Once those two details are considered and locked in, players are good to go and ready to dig up rewards worth their weight in diamonds.

Selecting how many numbers to activate can be completed using the “+” and “-” symbols under the “plays” heading. Players must designate to play five, 10 or 15 numbers. More numbers mean a higher ticket price, but also more winning opportunities. Next comes the value of each play. This amount can be raised or lowered using the “+” and “-” symbols under the “amount per play” heading. A higher amount will increase the amount required to purchase a ticket, but also increase the size of the rewards.

When ready to play, click the play button to see if your ticket is the winner. You can opt to reveal each winning number and each play number individually by clicking them or reveal all at once using the “reveal all” button. Auto play is also available for up to 20 hands-free rounds of play.

The bonus features found in Big Diamond take the form of the White, Black and Pink Diamond bonus games. The corresponding game will be activated when a white, black or pink diamond symbol is revealed during regular play. The player is then prompted to interact with the diamond by clicking it. The diamond will spin with tremendous speed and come to rest with its side facing the player to reveal a multiplier amount. The bonus reward will be a multiple of the original amount per play by the multiplier shown when the diamond stops in its final position.

Wagering levels

There are six wagering levels available to choose from with wagering values that range from just a few cents to a few dollars. Ticket values range from $0.05 to $2. Additionally, the amount of numbers to be played will influence the total wager a player is committing to when buying a ticket. Together, these two elements provide for both conservative and high-roller players to enjoy the game in a way they can afford and appreciate.

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