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Pennsylvania Lottery Releases New iLottery Game: Slingo

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The Pennsylvania Lottery has added a new iLottery game to its extensive catalog. Slingo is its name, and the game is all about levity, fun and big prizes that any player can obtain.

Based on a circus big top experience, Slingo brings the spectacle and atmosphere to players at home and on the go. With the game’s bright colors, exciting features and intuitive design, players can’t seem to get enough. The game boasts significant prizes if you can match your ticket’s numbers to the corresponding winning symbols. One thing is for sure, everyone is vying for their own Slingo jackpot of up to $20,000.

Pennsylvania iLottery game: Slingo

Slingo is a key number match-style game that takes shape in a pair of rows, one that features eight numbers and another that features seven numbers. Both rows make up the numbers that players use to match the displayed digit and corresponding cash prizes alongside the game’s winning numbers featured in the bottom-most row on the player’s ticket. Players can activate numbers in groups of five. There is a minimum of five numbers required to play, while a maximum of 15 numbers can be active on any one ticket.

There are several bonus games that players can leverage to drive the winning payouts even higher when the opportunities present themselves.

The average return to players comes to 87%. The odds are slightly further from the player’s favor than other games available at the Pennsylvania Lottery, but the bonus games and added opportunities to secure rewards more than make up for the slight difference in outright odds.

Taking advantage of the Toucan, Pirate and Joker bonus games in Slingo, which can deliver even more winning opportunities on any ticket . Get yours today and see just how many of the Slingo rewards you can claim as your own.

How to play

Getting started in a game of Slingo is as easy and exciting as enjoying a night out at the circus. Players only need a ticket to the show to enjoy the experience. Initially, players will have to decide on just how valuable their ticket should be. This is determined by both activating play numbers and the value of each number activated.

First, activate play numbers by clicking the “+” and “-” symbols under the “plays” heading. Players are able to activate numbers in increments of five. The available options are then five, 10 15 play numbers active on any single ticket. Activating more numbers will cost more, but also lead to more opportunities to win a cash prize during any round of play. After that, players will need to determine the value of each play number. This can be done using the “+” and “-” symbols under the “amount per play” heading to raise and lower the value respectively. In this situation, the raising amount will increase the player’s investment, but it will also increase the size of the payouts.

That’s all there is to do in terms of preparation. All that’s left is to click the play button to get things started. Players can reveal each winning number and each play number one at a time by clicking or tapping the symbol position. Alternatively, players can opt to reveal all numbers at once using the reveal all button. Auto play is a unique game mode that players can take advantage of when they want to play several games without having to reveal numbers manually. Auto play provides for up to 20 hands-free rounds of play.

Possible bonuses

Slingo’s bonus features are some of the game’s most attractive aspects to players.

  • Pirate bonus — When the pirate symbol is revealed on a ticket, this bonus feature is unlocked. The pirate bonus will present players with a field of five treasure chests, of which they can choose one for an instant prize.
  • Toucan bonus — A veritable wheel of good fortune, players revealing a toucan symbol on their ticket can spin the bonus round’s prize wheel to receive whichever prize the wheel provides when it comes to a stop.
  • Joker bonus — Similar to the toucan bonus, the joker bonus prompts players to spin a prize wheel that awards benefits that can fill the pockets of anyone fortunate enough to uncover this unique symbol on their game ticket.

Wagering levels

There are six amount per play values to choose from when raising or lowering your ticket value. Ranging from $0.05 to $2, these options accommodate players with bankrolls both big and small. It is important to note that players must also designate a number of numbers to activate on each ticket. This will impact the overall ticket value.

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