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North Dakota Offers Online Lottery Promotions For August 2021


The North Dakota Lottery (NDL) is rewarding players every day with unique promotions that can only be found as part of the NDL website and NDL Players Club.

Read on to learn more about the promotions currently available from the North Dakota Lottery.

Powerball First Millionaire Of The Year

The North Dakota Lottery is leveraging its Points for Drawings promotion, a special promotion encouraging participation in the Powerball Lottery, to coincide with a unique opportunity to earn $1,000 cash and entry to win $1,000,000.

How to participate

Using points accumulated during participation in North Dakota Lottery games and events, which are displayed in each player’s NDL Players Club account section, players can enter into this exciting promotional drawing where the prize is $1,000 and a chance to win $1,000,000.

Points redeemed for a Points for Drawings promotion earn entry into the prize drawing, which will take place October 12, 2021. The number of points required for entry into drawings will be displayed on the NDL website.

To use points toward the drawing and secure entries as afforded by the NDL, visit the North Dakota Lottery Players Club website. Once there, designate the number of entries you’d like to exchange for points and submit the order.

After the entry order has been submitted, the points exchanged for the equivalent number of drawing entries will automatically be deducted from the player’s account. Once submitted, the order cannot be canceled or the points returned. Unless otherwise noted by the NDL, each player has one entry allotted to their account for this particular drawing. As a result, only one prize during the promotional period can be won by any individual player.

There is a total of five $1,000 cash prizes available as part of the promotion, which also comes with one semifinalist promotion entry.

Winners will be notified through the telephone and/or email address to which their NDL Players Club account is registered.

Odds to win one of the many prizes available will depend on the number of entries secured through the redemption of points by all players

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