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New Jersey Lottery Tickets Now Available Via Mobile Devices


In an effort to modernize the way the New Jersey Lottery operates, the organization is now using a third-party application, Jackpocket, to bring tickets and winnings redemption to players’ phones and mobile devices.

The state’s first regulated lottery courier app emerges following a 2017 law passed by former Gov. Chris Christie that allowed courier services to charge a premium to purchase and deliver lottery tickets to players in the state of New Jersey.

Potential lottery boost

The move is expected to boost lottery revenues that support public services, such as education programs, psychiatric hospitals, centers for people with developmental disabilities, homes for disabled soldiers and a pension system that is considered one of the worst-funded in the United States.

James Carey, the acting executive director of the New Jersey Lottery, said of the development, “In New Jersey, 5.5 million adults actively use their smartphones to make daily purchases for everything from food to music. Now online players can use their smartphones to access a more convenient way to participate in the lottery within state borders.”

Currently, people can purchase New Jersey Lottery tickets online and through mobile devices via the Jackpocket app for Mega Millions, Powerball, Cash4Life and Pick-6 lottery games.

How the app will work in New Jersey

The same standard number picking options of a randomized field or individually selected numbers are available when purchasing tickets through the app. Following the submission of payment, Jackpocket will then purchase the tickets through a local retailer, scan the front and back of the ticket and include a tracking serial number. Jackpocket then secures the tickets in a vault that it maintains. The app also provides for a secure, invite-only lottery pool, for those groups of players who wish to combine their efforts toward winning a lottery jackpot online through the app.

In the event of a winning ticket, Jackpocket will pay players directly up to the amount of $600. The player must personally redeem larger prizes. According to state law,  Jackpocket may levy a transaction fee, but the company cannot claim any portion of the ticket winnings.

Jackpocket CEO Peter Sullivan expressed the company’s optimism at expanding its reach to the NJ Lottery. In a statement, Sullivan said, “Jackpocket’s mission is to make the lottery more accessible and convenient to play. To date, Jackpocket players have won over $5 million in lottery prizes.” The recent contract has expanded the Jackpocket footprint, which already operates in Minnesota, New Hampshire, Texas and Washington, D.C.

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