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New Hampshire Lottery Still Going Strong After Almost 60 Years


The oldest legal lottery in the United States, the New Hampshire Lottery delivers online and retail lottery outlets for residents to play a wide range of draw and instant games, participate in exciting promotions and contribute to valuable social services throughout the state with every game played.

New Hampshire Lottery overview

When State Representative Larry Pickett was looking for a way to raise funds for education in the early ’50s, a sweepstakes seemed to be the best option. Bills were proposed in the state legislature multiple times over the years; five times, to be exact, between 1953 and 1963. It wouldn’t be until late April of ’63 that the bill was successfully passed and signed into law by then-Governor John King.

The populace voted by special ballot in a resoundingly favorable result. Two days later, New Hampshire Sweepstakes tickets went on sale for the first time at an inaugural price of $3. During its first year, Lottery sales reached $5.7 million.

Over the years, the institution grew into what is now known as the New Hampshire Lottery. More modern lottery games were later added, along with numerous scratch card games. Today, the Lottery brings in annual revenue totaling $500 million.

New Hampshire Lottery games

The collection of lottery games at the New Hampshire Lottery has grown over the years to include the most popular modern online and retail lottery games. Players can access instant and draw games both online and at retail locations. Among the most interesting games available from the New Hampshire Lottery are its network-linked progressive jackpots, which share ever-increasing prizes that grow until won.

Among the most popular lottery draw games that can be played both online and in retail locations are:

  • Gimme 5
  • Keno 603
  • Mega Millions
  • Powerball
  • Tri-State Megabucks
  • Lucky for Life
  • Pick 3
  • Pick 4
  • Fast Play

Where does the New Hampshire Lottery money go?

The New Hampshire Lottery boasts that all of the revenue it has generated since its inception has remained in the state, serving local communities and public education. To date, more than $2 billion has been raised and contributed to the expansion and support of public education.

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