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Michigan Lottery Releases New Instant Play Game: Super Gems


The Michigan Lottery has added a new instant play feature to its library of online games: Super Gems. You’ll find it takes little effort to unearth these valuable riches, and there is a mother lode waiting to be dug up. While in real life mining can be a treacherous endeavor, there is nowhere near as much risk in a game of Super Gems. Not only this, but you have an opportunity to walk away with this game’s grand prize of $100,000 in a single round of play.

Instant play game: Super Gems

It’s not every day you get the chance to go prospecting like the fabled ’49ers during the California Gold Rush. However, today you can mine in style and comfort from your home, office or while you are on the move. Matching identical symbols in Super Gems will deliver substantial payouts, and the prizes only get larger as ticket values increase. Grab your gear and head down into the belly of the earth for a chance to score the haul of a lifetime.

How to play

You’ll find Super Gems is similar in gameplay to many other instant games from the Michigan State Lottery. In particular, Super Gems is a collect-style game.

Getting started is very straight forward. Begin by selecting your ticket value from the available options using the “+” and “-” buttons. Your prizes will be a direct reflection of the size of your stake in the game: Higher value tickets will result in higher value prizes. When you’ve decided on the ticket price, click the “play” button to start the game.

As you progress through the rounds, you have to combine five or more identical gems within one position of each other. When these combinations are large enough in number, they will explode and shatter all gems of that type in the vicinity. The result is a cascade of collapsing columns that reveal new combinations. Each new combination can result in an additional payout for the player. There is no limit to the number of additional payouts one can accumulate. If you manage to complete six successful cascades in the same round, the Super Gems mini games will be unlocked. You can unlock additional mini games as the game progresses, as well.

Card Select, Spin the Wheel, and Free Go mini games offer three more opportunities to capitalize on the treasures waiting within every new game of Super Gems.

Wagering levels

There are seven ticket values for players to choose from. Tickets range from $0.10 to $10 in price. Super Gems ticket prices will directly affect the prize amounts available. Prizes range from $0.10 up to $100,000, depending on ticket value.

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