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Kentucky Lottery Releases New Instant Play Game: Gilded Luck


The Kentucky Lottery has released a new instant play feature to its library of online games: Gilded Luck. Kentucky Lottery players are sure to be pleased with this instant win game released for the Kentucky Lottery’s 30th anniversary. Anyone can join in the fun and received up to $300,000 in cash prizes in a single match. Try this feature for free using the demo option before you commit to a real-money game with cash prizes to match your stake in the game.

Instant play game: Gilded Luck

A game all about gold, Gilded Luck is truly lavish in every regard. From the game’s grand prize offering to the buttons you press to play, everything in Gilded Luck has the Midas touch. While the game promises significant riches for anyone you participates, there is a high price of entry compared to other instant win games from the Kentucky Lottery. It’s time to weigh whether you are willing to pay your weight in entry to win 15,000 times that amount in potential rewards.

How to play

Getting started in Gilded Luck is not much different from other instant win features at the Kentucky Lottery. You’ll initially be prompted to purchase a ticket. This will get you into the game and playing for the massive grand prize.

Gilded Luck is a game arranged in a five-by-five grid pattern. On each of these spaces is a silver star symbol, totaling 25 opportunities to win. On the left side of the game screen are five gold crowns that will reveal which numbers you need to match to win, along with their corresponding prize amount. Match any gold crown number to a number on the grid, and you will win that prize. Multiple prizes can be won in a single round, too.

Start things off by purchasing your ticket in one of the available amounts. There are only two wagering options available, so going big or small in terms of the ticket value isn’t a tough decision. Wagering more will permit you to qualify for the biggest prizes this game has to offer. Once you’ve decided on your ticket value, click the gold “try” button to begin the game. Click to reveal each position individually or click the gold “reveal all” button to show all numbers at once. All it takes is one matching number to win a cash prize.

Wagering levels

There are two ticket values for players to choose from. Tickets are $10 or $20 in price. Gilded Luck ticket prices will directly affect the prize amounts available to be won. Prizes range from $10 up to $300,000, depending on ticket value.

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