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Kentucky Lottery Releases New Instant Play Game: Da Vinci Diamonds


The Kentucky Lottery has released a new instant play feature for its library of online games: Da Vinci Diamonds. Online lottery players from the state of Kentucky are invited to experience this throwback to the renaissance both for free and for real money. A convenient demo version of the game allows anyone to play for free,. Then you may commit to a real money ticket purchase.

Instant play game: Da Vinci Diamonds

As the name implies, Da Vinci Diamonds is all about high-value works of art from one of the greatest minds of the last millennium. Da Vinci brings the artist’s most famous work, the Mona Lisa, to life in a modern online lottery game where players can win cash prizes with ease. While the game’s graphics don’t do this work of art justice, there is no mistaking the clear rewards you can reap from the painter’s stern gaze and his subject’s notoriously mysterious expression.

How to play

Those playing Da Vinci Diamonds for the first time will find it very similar to other instant play games featured online from the Kentucky Lottery.

This feature appears as a traditional three-by-three grid, similar to a game of tic-tac-toe. Players will first have to settle on a ticket price before playing. Once they’ve decided on a price, play can begin. Each try will create a new ticket with a new configuration. This can include any combination of revealed gems and portraits that can be cleared to reveal hidden symbols.

The objective of Da Vinci Diamonds is to match any line of three identical gems in a line. This includes vertical, horizontal and diagonal configurations. Hidden gems can include a single symbol or combination of two for more winning potential. Each combination of gems has a different prize structure based on the cost of the ticket.

Wagering levels

There are five wagering levels available to players, ranging from $0.50 to $5 per ticket. Prizes are available in 18 levels for each wagering level. Depending on the purchase price of a player’s Da Vinci Diamonds ticket, the prize potential ranges from a modest $0.50 up to $100,000.

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