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Kentucky Lottery Releases New Instant Play Game: Bank A Bit Game Show


The Kentucky Lottery has released a new instant play feature to its library of online games: Bank a Bit Game Show. Kentucky iLottery players are clamoring to the stage for their moment in the spotlight thanks to this game show experience anyone can be a part of. You can take your moment and enjoy 15 minutes of fame over and over for free or for real money, where prizes are just as real. Enjoy a demo game with no cash commitment, so you can feel confident when it’s your time to shine on the stage.

Instant play game: Bank a Bit Game Show

As one might infer from the game’s name, Bank a Bit Game Show offers a familiar experience many have enjoyed as spectators. This time, you have every opportunity to play the part of the star as you sit face to face with the game show host. Every round offers incredible winning potential. It is only a matter of how well you can string together the combinations of cash prizes that will determine whether you win. The prizes have the potential to reach sky-high amounts. Now is your chance to play the game show you’ve always wanted to, be it from the comfort of your own home, office or even while on the go.

How to play

Many comparisons between Bank a Bit Game Show and other selection game shows, like Deal or No Deal, can be drawn. However, this iteration of the game is easy to approach for any skill level. Not only this, but the pressure of millions of spectators hanging on your next move won’t weigh on your performance.

Bank a Bit Game Show is presented in a four-by-three grid. In each position, there is a cash counting machine. Each of these machines contains a specific dollar amount. It’ll be your task to match those amounts to win the corresponding prize. Start things off by purchasing a ticket to the show. This can be done at four ticket values. Each value has a set of corresponding cash amounts in the game’s cash counting machines. In short, the more you wager, the bigger the prizes will be. Once you’ve decided on your ticket value, click the green “buy” button and you’ll enter the game. You’ll have to pick eight of the available 12 machines to try and make your matches. If successful, you’ll walk away from the game with some serious cash. Alternatively, you can select your machines at random using the auto-play feature.

In Bank a Bit Game Show, all one has to do to win is match any three identical cash amounts on the game grid. These can be in any position, as well. Additionally, gold bars can be collected to further increase the cash prizes. Gold bars are gained by uncovering specific dollar amounts while playing. Uncover three or more to qualify for the extra cash prize.

Wagering levels

There are four ticket values for players to choose from. Tickets range from $1 to $5 in price. Bank a Bit Game Show ticket prices will directly affect the prize amounts available. Prizes range from $1 up to $75,000.

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