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Georgia Lottery Releases New Diggi Game: Bank A Bit Game Show


The Georgia Lottery has released a new Diggi Games feature to its library of online games: Bank a Bit Game Show. Online lottery players from the state of Georgia are diving into the fun for a bit of excitement in the spotlight in this rare treat that offers fun both for free and for real money. A demo version of the game lends a commitment-free experience to any visit, so players can enjoy a round on the house before committing their cash to a real money game that can result in big money prizes.

Diggi Game: Bank a Bit Game Show

As the name implies, Bank a Bit Game Show provides anyone with an immersive experience that places the player center stage. Your game show host will be sitting back, ready to announce your next round of wins. Each game you play comes with new possibilities. You’ll have your work cut out for you though, as there is plenty of room for second-guessing and anxiety in this game where you have to select the right positions to match cash amounts in order to win a prize.

How to play

Those playing Bank a Bit Game Show for the first time will find it easy to draw a comparison to other selection game shows, like Deal or No Deal.

This feature is configured in a four-by-three grid, in which are laid several cash counting machines. Each machine houses a different dollar amount, and it’s your objective to match three of the same dollar amounts. You’ll have to first purchase our tickets to the show. You can do so easily in four denominations. The game’s prizes are directly related to the ticket amount, too. Once you’ve settled on a ticket price, click the green “buy” button to begin the game. You can then select cash counting machines at your leisure or auto play to have the machines selected for you at random.

The objective of Bank a Bit Game Show is to match any three identical cash amounts on the game grid. Collecting gold bars will land players up to three additional prizes if they win during the round. These additional prizes are granted whenever the corresponding dollar amount appears on an active cash machine.

Wagering levels

There are four wagering levels available to players, which range from $2 to $10 per ticket. There are five levels of additional prizes, as well. Depending on the purchase price of a player’s Bank a Bit Game Show ticket, the prize potential ranges from a modest $2 up to $100,000.

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